Okinawa Tourism Information:AKitchenforGinowanResidents,“HerbWorldHappyMoreIchiba(market)”

A Kitchen for Ginowan Residents, “Herb World Happy More Ichiba (market)”

post : 2017.05.27 18:00

“Hello! How can I help you?”

Staffs with spirited voices welcome customers at this market. Here is “Herb World Happy More Ichiba” in Ginowan City. This is a kitchen for the residents of Ginowan City, and seasonal vegetables are available here.

The attractiveness of Happy More Ichiba is that customers can buy freshly picked vegetables that were cultivated by farmers near the market♡ Rare vegetables and herbs including “green papaya” and “mignonette vine” are available here, and mignonette vine is known as the best medicine.

Also, summer vegetable such as celery, tomato, and zucchini are the seasonal vegetables during winter in Okinawa, and varieties of vegetables are available during this season. 

Happy More Ichiba have contract with about 500 contracted farmers. Originally, the market has started as a spot to support small farmers. These farmers including people who do farming for their living, elderlies who do farming for fun, and more.

“Elderlies who live around here wanted to sell vegetables that they grew. They originally grew vegetables for their grandchildren, and that was how Happy More Ichiba has started. They never use agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizer to grow vegetables. Otherwise their grandchildren are going to eat them.” 

Owan, the manager of market, told me.

There are small marks with colored pens on each price tag, and they describe how farmers grew the vegetables. Red is marked for agricultural chemicals & chemical fertilizer-free vegetables, and green for vegetables with reduced agricultural chemicals.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie (L) / Happy Smoothie (R)

Seasonal vegetables and fruits that farmers grew with their effort are used for these smoothies. Also, herbs and the original enzyme are contained in these smoothies, and herbs were grown at the garden of market.

“Herb” is familiar to many people in Okinawa from the old days, and it was used for cooking. Dishes and smoothies that contain herbs are served at Happy More Ichiba for young people to be familiar with “herbs.” Smoothies are very easy to drink, and they are also popular among children!

And, “Special herb smoothie” is also served for big smoothie fans! It contains not only original herb & enzyme, but also amaranth, handama (Okinawan spinach), and few more herbs. 

Also, customers can have meals here. Green curry on the photo above contains lots of minced chicken and Okinawan-produced celery. A spicy flavor which is hidden in the sweetness of coconut milk could be addictive.

Besides green curry, “happy curry” with 30 kinds of vegetables & fruits, limited offer curry, and few more curries are offered here as well.

Vegetables and fruits can be sent to Mainland Japan with flat shipping rate, so they are perfect for souvenir and for yourself. If you were not sure how to cook certain vegetables, ask staffs about the recipe. They might teach you the Okinawan-original recipe♪

Happy More Ichiba is a good spot not many tourists know about. This place has a so-called “Uchina time” atmosphere. It has a laid-back and lively atmosphere, so everybody can experience the usual days of Okinawa.


Herb World Happy More Ichiba
Address: 1-247-1 Shimashi, Ginowan City
Tel: 098-896-0657
Business Hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Sunday

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akari Matsumura