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Run Through the Mountainous Paths of Yanbaru!

post : 2014.04.17 16:00

This past February 8th, in the middle of weather with spotty showers, there was a large amount of people running through the trackless paths of Yanbaru.
The "Kunigami Trail Running" was the first trail running race in Okinawa.

(Provided by: Kunigami Trail Running Committee Office)

Trail running is different from marathons on paved roads, it is a style of running that has gotten attention in recent years which is off-road like in the wild of the  mountains, so you can experience nature while running.
There have already been 151 trail runs nationwide, but this is the first one for Okinawa.

This event was held in Kunigami Village, perfect for its rich natural environment, in Kunigami Forest Park on the nature path, forest therapy course as well as cross country course.

On that day around 1,100 participated, and for most of the participants from within the prefecture it was their first trail running experience.
Before the start, a course guidance and trail running clinic were held, giving tips for warming up and how to run and explanations on equipment.

Right when getting started, rather than a course, it was mostly mountain trails. Participants would get wet running through streams, run around trees and even climb up steep rock faces by rope. It is not just running, this dangerous course gave enjoyment while also surprising. It is like childhood memories of running through the untamed mountains come back. The smile on the face of each participant was very striking.

In the aid station that was set up, Yona Cooperative, Kunigami Village Fishery Association and Ada Coffee among others served special items like Yamashishi Soba.

The man tasked with supervising was trail runner Takuya Yamada who cheered on all the participants while giving high fives!


(Provided by: Kunigami Trail Running Committee Office)

The first place participant in men's ran the 19km course in 1 hour 45 minutes. The winner of the 19km women's course was the 10 year old Kasuga Watanabe. She also runs marathons but said, "it is fun to experience nature while trail running" with a smile.

To operate the run, a lot of high school students volunteered, and there was a lively celebration afterward which included performances of Ryukyuan dance, traditional songs and "eisa" (traditional dance), and with the lively closing festivities held, the whole community was surrounded by the warm feeling of the success of a new event.

(Provided by: Kunigami Trail Running Committee Office)

(Provided by: Kunigami Trail Running Committee Office)

While doing this report I went around course, and I noticed the simple exercise of going through mountain trails was more fun than I thought.

Why don't you get your fill of nature while doing a trail run?

Kunigami Trail Running
Date: 8 February 2014 (Sat) *This run is complete
Application Period: 1 November 2013 - 10 January 2014
Place: Kunigami Forest Park, Kunigami Village, Okinawa
Office: Japan Sport Tourism Alliance Okinawa
"Kunigami Trail Running Committee Office"
(269-2-101Yabu, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture)
Tel: 0980-53-6607 (Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m-5:00p.m)

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