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Handmade candles with Okinawan flair from Blue Moon jill candle work Okinawa

post : 2017.06.23 07:00


Here are some beautiful candles that you may want to use for parties or for your private time to get relaxed in Okinawa.



The candle shown on the picture was made by artist Rinka Iiboshi. She collects and uses natural materials for her candles. The designs make you want to spend some luxurious time with them.


The sky blue candle contains Bougainvillea. Doesn’t it remind you of the ocean and sky of Okinawa? It looks as though the bougainvillea is floating in sea breeze under a blue sky.



The gettou (shell ginger) candle is made in the image of gettou pods. The light green color comes from the gettou leaves. The charming color was created by first soaking the leaves in the molten soy wax.  



The white candles with seashells are also made of soy wax. Rika says that she wanted to express the image of seashells on a white sandy beach.


Soy candles are reputed to purify air and using them is a perfect way to freshen up a room. Soft, flickering candlelight also has a soothing, healing effect.


Why not let these candles add some Okinawan color your room? Enjoy their soothing light.


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Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Akari Muramatsu