Okinawa Tourism Information:Haveacandlemakingexperienceasyouenjoythesoundofwaves.Candlesmadewithsoywaxandothernaturalingredientsenhanceanymood

Have a candle making experience as you enjoy the sound of waves. Candles made with soy wax and other natural ingredients enhance any mood

post : 2017.06.27 07:00

Vitamin Candle (botanical series)

Vitamin Candle, a soy wax candle shop, has opened right in front of the beach in Chatan Town. The shop has a bright colored interior with many windows. The moment you open the door, a nice aroma covers you. The beautiful scent comes from soy wax, palm oil and essential oils. The candle shop also offers experience classes for making lanterns.

Vitamin Candle talisman MAYOKE candle with purifying salt

Vitamin Candle uses only natural ingredients for the wax and cotton for their wicks.  Most candles make black soot when they burn. Because they only use natural ingredients, the smoke from Vitamin Candles is white and not sooty. The surface of the these candles are a milky white color with a thick, creamy texture and a sweet scent. It looks like baby’s skin.

Vitamin Candles (standard series) are made with local beeswax harvested in spring and fall. Limited numbers are available. The yellow ones are made with essential oil.

Three kinds of soy candles are available, each with its own character. “Maasu” contains salt. Salt has always been considered to be protection from evil in Okinawa. “Botanical” includes dried flowers and  dried plants that are exposed as the wax melts. “Lantern” expresses the colors of nature, such as the earth, ocean and sunset of Okinawa. The light from the candle cup adds a whimsical atmosphere to the entire room.

Vitamin Candle (lantern series)

“I wanted to create a space that gives you different ways to add excitement to life,” said owner Junko Uehara.  “So, I opened Vitamin Candle. Candle flames, sunlight between leaves or running streams have  certain rhythms that are similar to heartbeats... Just looking at a flame or sharing space with one is just like the negative ion effect of being in a forest,“ she said. She also only uses natural ingredients for healthy life and relaxation.

Owner Junko Uehara (right); shop manager, Reiko Murakami (left) 

I have heard that many peoples have a custom of looking at the flames while sitting around fire. Fire must have the power to keep your attention and get you relaxed.
Ask about the two-hour lantern making experience class anytime during business hours. Advance reservations are required.
Uehara has a plan to improve the quality of soy wax in the future and hold regular candle-themed events. Every time you light a candle from Vitamin Candle, you will remember the scent of gentle breezes in Okinawa. Why not bring some gentle reminders of your Okinawa trip home with you?
Address: 1-722 Miyagi, Chatan Town, Okinawa
Tel: 098-989-5325
Hours: 9:00-1700 
Closed: Sunday, Monday and holidays
Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Aya Asakura