Okinawa Tourism Information:Celebratingits39thAnniversary.“OkumaPrivateBeach&Resort,”theNorthernmostHotelinOkinawa,hasRenewed!

Celebrating its 39th Anniversary. “Okuma Private Beach & Resort,” the Northernmost Hotel in Okinawa, has Renewed!

post : 2017.07.04 18:00

After getting off at Kyoda I.C. on Okinawa Expressway, keep driving toward north. You can see the forests of Yanbaru (northern Okinawa) on the right, and East China Sea on the left. About 45 minutes of driving while enjoying the great nature, you will be arrived at “Okuma Private Beach & Resort.” This hotel is surrounded by the nature of Yanbaru, and it is happy to celebrate its 39th anniversary this year. It has renewed to aim “the #1 resort spot in Japan,” and I would like to find out the attractiveness of “Okuma Private Beach & Resort.” 

Once I stepped into the facility of hotel, many unique tropical plants including palm tree and bougainvillea welcomed me. After checking in at the front desk, an electric cart took me to a cottage which I was going to stay at this time. Pink colored cottages are located in 100,000 m2 (1,076,391 sq. ft.) within the facility of hotel, and each cottage has enough distance between them. Everybody is able to enjoy their luxurious private time within the extensive facility.

You can have a panoramic view of the white sand, blue sky and beach at the open terrace of “Beach Café Oasis.” “I bet it would be good to have a beer here,” I felt like the dampness in rainy season is blown away just by thinking about it. Then I looked at the beach and realized that the sun was getting close to the beach and going down. 

Colors of the sky and beach were started changing in the evening. People started walking toward the beach one by one as they were attracted to the beautiful beach. The moment when everything turns orange color is the most gorgeous and special moment for everybody just by looking at it.

For those people who would love to spend more special time, “Sunset Champagne Cruise with POMMERY Royal Blue Sky” is recommended. It is a cruise by a catamaran yacht called “Sea Breeze,” and champagne called “POMMERY Royal Blue Sky” will be served for each pair, and it was produced by imagining the emerald green sea and blue sky of Okuma. This is the only opportunity to have this one and only champagne in Okinawa, and it will boost your mood and take you to an extraordinary world (*the cruise will be held from July 15th, 2017 – August 31st, 2017).

Right after feeling the excitement of the cruise, “Adults’ Night Pool by BACARDI” starts by a pool. Musicians play Jazz music in the center of the pool with running water, and swim rings float as they swing along with the sound of music. Mints that are cultivated within the facility are used for Mojito. There is nothing to tie you down. There are many elements to be free in the great nature. (*this event will be held only on Saturday during July 15th, 2017 – August 31st, 2017).

I would love to recommend this northernmost hotel in Okinawa to people who truly love Okinawa. It is aiming to be “the #1 resort spot in Japan,” and it is going to transform to the new resort spot more and more. Why don’t you experience the extraordinary stay at the resort spot with the great nature?


Okuma Private Beach & Resort
Address: 913 Okuma, Kunigami Village
Tel: 0980-41-2222

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Yu Murakami