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Let's Take a Trip to Sports Island

post : 2014.04.22 16:00

Blessed with plenty of nature and a warm climate, you can comfortable enjoy the resort areas of Okinawa year-round. Recently, athletes have been coming here for training and training camps and the attraction as a sport island has been increasing.

A new sightseeing style of enjoying sports while traveling around Okinawa Prefecture has gained attention and started spreading.

When you say Okinawa, the image of the summer sun, blue sky, white sand beaches and emerald green oceans come to mind. In winter Okinawa has a nice average temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, and outside of the prefecture it is a difficult season for sports due to the cold, but Okinawa is optimal for them.

For that reason, this year a record high number of professional baseball and soccer training camps were held in Okinawa.

It is not only camps; the premier public race, the Tour de Okinawa, and the uniquely Okinawan Naha Marathon, which has the charms of interacting with people, also had many people come from outside of Okinawa for sports.

View the earliest blooming cherry blossoms in Japan while running in the Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run

Run through the pristine wilderness of the Yanbaru area found only in a subtropical region at the Kunigami Trail Running.

Okinawa has been working to discover a new attraction of winter in Okinawa by supporting these sporting events.

In November of 2013, the "Sport Commission Okinawa (temporary name)", became the one-stop place for inviting and receiving sports training camps and events, and there was an announcement that they will be established in April 2015. Also announced, along with Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Okinawa Amateur Sports Association setting up an establishment office, was the logo for Sports Island Okinawa.


This logo is the beautiful emerald Okinawan sea overlaid with the form of a human and represents the liveliness of competitive sports and how the sports island makes people happy.
Also, the circular shape represents the circle of friendship that is cultivated through exchange in sports and the mentality of mutual support in Okinawa. The vibrant yellow, red and blue is to represent the splashing of the waves, the suitability of Okinawa for sports year round along with sending a message within and outside the prefecture of it being a sports Mecca like wings that spread out over the world.

The Olympics will take place in Tokyo in 2020, and recently sports have gotten more attention, so why not take a sports trip and see the new charms of Okinawa?

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