Okinawa Tourism Information:So,youweren’texpectingantiaging-effectsfromsomethingsweet?EnjoybreakfastwithapopularAcaiBowl

So, you weren’t expecting anti aging-effects from something sweet? Enjoy breakfast with a popular Acai Bowl

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My name is Sachiko from Okinawa CLIP. There’s a café in Okinawa that always makes me think of Hawaii.


Actually, I have never been to Hawaii, but I always think about going someday. Right now, I just enjoy an imaginary hotel, breakfast, café and so forth with the help of some Hawaii guidebooks.


There is a café where you can get a Hawaii feeling in Okinawa: C&C Breakfast Okinawa that opened near Naha City’s Makishi Public Market in May, 2014.




Their concept is “great breakfasts while traveling.” They have been busy serving Hawaiian-style breakfasts that have been very popular with both locals and tourists.


“I’ve always had the impression that people in Hawaii treasure their time in the morning,” said owner Yuko Yamanouchi. “Some enjoy yoga or surfing before work, some enjoy coffee at café. I thought that would be a wonderful outlook in Okinawa too.” 



The interior design, mostly white with a nice tinge of blue, is nicely done and makes you feel relaxed. I would love to decorate my own room in the same two colors. 



I have to admit, I visit the café often but always order the same thing… But, I still like to look at the menu and think about trying something else next time.


Tofu and avocado sandwiches, Eggs Benedict, original soufflés pancakes and other great items are available, but I always order the Acai Bowl. Even when I think I should try something else, I always end up with this one order.


I usually stop by after my yoga lessons so maybe my body just craves acai after exercise. 



The photo shows the Acai Bowl, which is popular with a lot of beauty-minded women.


Acai is originally from Brazil and in the palm tree family. The fruits look like blueberries but have almost no taste. They are mashed into a paste and served with your favorite fruits on top. Acai Bowls' popularity started in Hawaii then spread out across Japan.


Thanks to Yuko who found the best Acai Bowl in Hawaii, I now get to eat an authentic Acai Bowl here at C&C Breakfast Okinawa.




The tart sweetness of the fruits and honey with the crunchy texture of the homemade granola are addicting. It is very easy to finish a bowl.


Acai is supposed to be very nourishing and is supposed to have anti-aging effects thanks to the anthocyanin and polyphenol it contains. Its virtues also include Vitamins B, C and E (great for healthy skin), fiber (good for a healthy digestive system) and lots of iron. You can see why the fruit is called a “Brazilian miracle” or “super fruit.”


We are exposed to a lot of ultraviolet rays throughout the year in Okinawa. Actually, our UV exposure is three times that of Tokyo’s. To help keep healthy skin from aging, an Acai Bowl is a great way to start your day.


C&C Breakfast Okinawa
Address: Takamine Bldg. 1F, 2-9-6, Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 098-927-9295
Hours: Weekday 9:00–16:00 (last order); weekends 8:00–16:00 (last order)
Closed: Tuesday




Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko


沖縄県那覇市松尾 2-9-6 タカミネビル 1F