Okinawa Tourism Information:Sam’sbytheSea,NahaCityOrokuBypassoffersgreatsteakandseafood!

Sam’s by the Sea, Naha City Oroku Bypass offers great steak and seafood!

post : 2017.08.15 07:00

There are many steak restaurants in Okinawa, and those of Sam’s Group are the most famous ones since 1970! The brand has been in Okinawa since the days when Okinawa was still under US administration. These days, there are eight branches. Locals love to eat at Sam’s and of course, it is also a popular restaurant for tourists and foreigners. The owner, who used to live in Hawaii has given each branch a different name and theme, such as Anchor Inn, Sailor Inn, Maui and so on.



Out of the eight branches, the Sam’s by the Sea, Naha City Oroku Bypass branch is one of them that is located by the sea as it says. They offer various steak and seafood items featuring various popular char-broiled items. Other branches don’t offer char-broiled food.



The location is convenient. It’s only a 10-15 minute drive from Naha Airport. As soon as doors open at 5 p.m., people flow in. The restaurant is always full of customers. You will notice the unique counter that is shaped like a Western-style wooden ship.




Looking at the details, you will see steering gears, ropes, masts, sails and so on. The restaurant is designed based on an image of ship on the ocean. I feel very excited -- like I’m in a theme park! That is one of the reasons why Sam’s has been loved for a long time.




A series of fall specials get lots of attention with seasonal ingredients such as oysters and king crab. If you are hungry and a big fan of meat dishes, Sam’s Rib Roast Steak extra large (2,420 yen, plus tax) is highly recommended.




Their high quality rib roast is served hot. Rib roast is the most flavorful part of the meat. The steak is perfectly done, tender and juicy. The extra large (500g) steak is char- broiled. This is the best way to eat steak! Why don’t you try one?



When you visit Sam’s by the sea, you may want to try the seafood too! How about a combination dinner? White Fish ‘Hanasai’ with Garlic Butter and Filet Mignon (2,750 yen, plus tax) is especially recommended. It is a char-broiled local white fish with a tenderloin steak wrapped with bacon. The fish is done with a rich white wine and special garlic sauce. The sauce is tasty and garnished with vegetables and pasta. The crunchy bacon is wonderful aournd the tender steak. The combination is amazing and you will be more than satisfied.


Of course, meals come with soups, salads, rice or bread. There's no lacking in portion size here. There's also seating appropriate for friends, family or couples for a special night out.



Original tropical drinks are served in interesting vessels. The Jaws (980 yen, plus tax) contains pineapple, lemon and sugar cane. It is a refreshing sour drink. The Seesaa contains pineapple, grapefruit and lemon. It is available with alcohol (1,250 yen) or without alcohol (1,050 yen). You can take the drink cup home after finishing. It makes a great souvenir.



Before I forget, I have to mention the fresh American lobsters in the tank near the entrance. They can be prepared steamed, with sea urchin sauce or in other ways. Please enjoy them when you have chances!



Sam’s by the Sea Naha branch

Address: 3-25-5 Gushi, Naha City, Okinawa

Tel: 098-857-0339

Hours: 17:00-24:00

Open: Year round