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Yachimun Café & Shop Chataro

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“Tsuboya Yachimun Street” in Naha City is a place with lots of yachimun pottery.
On that street there is “Yachimun Café & Shop Chataro”, where you can enjoy a meal and shop for yachimun pottery.
Inside the shop is full of the warmth of wood, and time goes by peacefully nestled in Okinawa’s relaxed atmosphere.

The furniture inside the shop was made by the father of Asato, the owner who is from Ishigaki Island.
Each piece has a youthful spirit and feels happy and warm♪
You can feel how the cutting boards and plates, made from the yarabu trees that have watched over the island for many years from the hills of Mt. Kawara on Ishigaki, accentuate the gentle tastes of the food at Chataro.

Let’s take a look at one of the dishes from the food menu.
The island vegetable and chicken butter curry is made slowly and carefully with original spices and takes advantage of the sweetness and flavor of the island vegetables.
This dish will give you energy just by looking at the bowl and the colorful island vegetables!

Other dishes that use Okinawan ingredients include the “Chataro Cappuccino” made with brown cane sugar from Hateruma and the “Hateruma Brown Cane Sugar Milk Ice Cream Zenzai”, and lots of dishes let you enjoy the yachimun pottery.

There is also a shop space where you can buy wood, glass and most of all yachimun pottery items overflow with the special care put in by their creators.

The Chataro original “Yachimun Street Cup” and the hija (goat) decorative piece are cute too♪

There are lots of items sold at Chataro other than yachimun pottery that is used for eating, such as hair bands, earrings, necklaces and other accessories that all use yachimun earthenware.
There are over 100 hair bands, each one of a kind♪
They’re good as a little something for yourself or as a present for someone special.
I use the earrings I bought here all the time♪

I want the suggested uses of yachimun pottery at the café to be a reason for both people familiar with yachimun and people not yet interested in it to come to like it.
That’s the kind of feeling that’s been put in this shop.

The lovely named general goods store called “Craft & Gift Yacch & Moon”, a sister store on the same Yachimun Street, is said to have opened a gallery space in early April!
I can’t wait to see it too♪

Yachimun Café & Shop Chataro

Address: (Yachimun Street) 1-8-12 Tsuboya, Naha City
TEL: 098-862-8890
Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm (last order) *Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm
Closed Day(s): None
Homepage: http://café

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1-8-12 Tsuboya, Naha City