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“Yachimun Monsieur,” the Blue Container Studio near Cape Chinen Park

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“Uranbaru” is the area where is located in line with a World Heritage site “Sefa Utaki” in Nanjo City and Kudaka Island where is famous for the island of God. A studio “Yachimun Monsieur” is located in arm of Cape Chinen Park.

Blue is painted on the container / studio to prevent rust (because it is close to the ocean and get salt damage), and an impressive “Monsieur World” is contained in this compact container. 

The owner, a.k.a. “Monsieur,” was called as “Kamayatsu” when she lived in Tokyo. She got the nickname after a famous singer Mr. Hiroshi Kamayatsu (his nickname was Monsieur) because she used to have cropped hair just like him. After she moved to Okinawa, she was started to be called as “Monsieur.” This container studio is filled with a feeling of freedom and can go outside freely, and it also describes herself.

She always likes handwork and folk craft article, and she used to handle African and ethnic merchandise for her job. After she got attracted to Okinawa, she moved to Okinawa, trained for potteries for 5 and half years in Yomitan Village, and later she opened her own studio in Nanjo City.

Collected African merchandise and potteries she made are decorated inside her studio / gallery. Her potteries look wild and indigenous, and also have the warmth of women.

These potteries are good to serve rice, miso soup, other types of soup, hot water, beer, and more. They seem good for any types of cuisine or occasion to use.

These potteries resemble items in Africa, and they also look like the ones in Okinawa.

Even though these potteries do not look fancy and colorful, but they offer a sense of ease and people never get sick of the design of each. The popularity of her potteries got increased slowly, and they are used for some cafes. 

Monsieur is attracted to primitive earthenware, and she still has longing for field pit firing. She gets inspiration from such things and mixes with skills that she gained in Yomitan Village and something Okinawa-ish. These match very well and they help to create unique so-called “Monsieur World.” The way she wraps her potteries is unique as her. Wrap with a retro wrapping paper and calendar with print of paintings by an Okinawan woodblock painter Bokunen Naka, and adds fruit of shell ginger. 

More than 90% of potteries that Monsieur makes are made from clay of Okinawa. Each work is done by her, and it is creative but also physical work. By repeating error and trial, she aims for unloading her potteries once a month.

“My hands and feet are big as men,” she laughed and told me. She is a free spirit, easygoing, very sensitive, and lovely. 

A quiet beach is located nearby, and it is 1-minute walk from her studio. Monsieur will be happy if you stopped by her studio while driving.

Yachimun Monsieur 
Address: 647 Chinen Kudeken, Nanjo City
Tel: 090-4062-5886
Business Hours: 14:00-18:00 
Closed: Sat & Sun

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Naoko Tsuruta