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8 (+α) Selected Views from Observatories on Tokashiki Island

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Tokashiki Island is the biggest island among Kerama Islands. It is 9km / 5.6mil from north to south, 2.8km / 1.7mi from east to west, and the area is 15.8sq km / 6.1sq mi. The island is famous for beautiful beaches such as “Tokashiku Beach” or “Aharen Beach,” but we cannot miss the dynamic scenery that we can see from observatories. Each observatory has different characteristics, so let me teach you all 8 (+α?) of them. Get on a rent-a-car or automobile and start your trip! 

<North> First, let’s start with the north side.
Within “National Okinawa Seinen Koryu no Ie,” the biggest complex facility on the island, features a camping site, a playground, and 2 observatories. You can see the magnificent ocean view from both “West Observatory (Nishiyama Observatory)” and “East Observatory (Akamayama Observatory).”

You can see the scenic Kerama Islands from West Observatory. Also, you can see Kume Island which is 70km / 43mi away from Tokashiki Island on clear day. This observatory is popular as a sunset spot as well.

East Observatory is located near the top of Mt. Akama, the tallest mountain on the island, and the mountain stands 227.3m / 746ft above sea level. You can see uninhabited islands including Mae Island and Kuro Island, and wide Okinawa Main Island is about 30km / 98ft away from the observatory. 

<East> Let’s take a look at the east side next. 
“Minato no Mieru Oka Observatory” is located in the south of Tokashiki area. After go up a slope, you will find the observatory, and you can look down at the area from the observatory. 

And if you go a little further south, there is “Aran Observatory,” and a rugged east coast can be visible from here unlike the other views. This is the only observatory on the island that completes free binoculars, and you can also enjoy whale watching here from December – March. 

<West> Next destination is the west side.
On the way to go to Aharen area from Tokashiki area, you will find a spot called Aharen Teruyama in the middle of the route. After walking a pathway, you will find a forest park. If you go further than that, there is a hill and “Teruyama Observatory” is located on top of it. From this observatory, you can see the famous Kerama Blue and about 20 islands that belong to Kerama Islands include Zamami Island, Aka Island, and Geruma Island. Of course, Tokashiku Beach can be seen from the front side and Aharen Beach on the south side.

<South> Finally, the south side.
This is the most crowded area on the island, and more than 3 observatories are located here. Each has different types of scenic views, but the most popular observatory among them is “Aharen Observatory (Kubandaki Observatory).” It is about 10 minutes walk from Aharen Beach, and you can enjoy watching a fantastic view from a hill 27m / 89ft above sea level! This is also a popular spot which represents the Island, and this view has been on media many times. Bright layers of Kerama Blue… here is definitely the spot where Aharen Beach can be seen beautifully.

Let’s go further south from Aharen area. This area jutting out into the sea is called “Aharen Enchi (Hinakushi),” and a mushroom-shaped roof “Maetake Rindou Observatory” (on the last photo) is located on the east of Hinakushi. This is a popular spot to watch sunrise, and bared white geological layer is formed with tuff. This type of rare landscape cannot be seen in many areas of Okinawa, so it is worth to see it. 

At last, the final destination is “Aharen Enchi Observatory” which is located in the southernmost point of Tokashiki Island. The dynamic contrast of wide Pacific Ocean and a bluff… the view might impress you and take your breath away. 

I mentioned about the total of 8 observatories. Since you can see scenic spots from each observatory, you will be amazed by them. But, I must inform you another best spot to visit. It is not in Tokashiki Island, it is “”Cape Aharen Lighthouse” on Un Island. The island is about 5m / 16ft away from the southernmost point of Tokashiki Island, and this hidden scenic spot is not even on guidebooks. However, you need to know that it is a very tough and long way to access to the spot… First, believe it or not, you need to swim to access to the island, and then go up on steep stairs and keep walking a rough straight road. After 20 minutes, you will be able to get to the tip of cape and witness the amazing panoramic view! Its height, expansion, and a solitary island itself… It is hard to explain how great this dynamic Mother Nature is in words.

Also I need to provide some additional info to you. Not too many outdoor lights are installed at each observatory, so you can enjoy the starry sky on clear days. However, poisonous snake like Habu is inhabited on the island, so it is better to ask local islanders for the guide. Please be careful and enjoy your trip to Tokashiki Island! 


National Okinawa Seinen Koryu no Ie
Address: 2760 Tokashiki, Tokashiki Village
Tel: 098-987-2306

Minato no Mieru Oka Observatory
Address: Tokashiki, Tokashiki Village (near) 

Aran Observatory
Address: Tokashiki, Tokashiki Village (near)

Teruyama Observatory
Address: Aharen, Tokashiki Village (near) 

Aharen Observatory
Address: Aharen, Tokashiki Village (near) 

Maetake Rindou Observatory
Address: Aharen, Tokashiki Village (near) 

Aharen Enchi Observatory
Address: Aharen, Tokashiki Village (near) 

Cape Aharen Lighthouse
Address: Aharen, Tokashiki Village (near) 


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)