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One and Only Coral Jewelry in the World♪ Okinawan Jewelry Shop “CORALIA”

post : 2017.10.05 18:00

Jewelry that makes you excited and filled with happiness, and it could be your good-luck charm. Do you have such jewelry?

A jewelry shop “CORALIA” has opened on August 1st, 2017 at the 1F of Loisir Hotel Naha. Many items are available at the shop for those women who are looking for “one and only jewelry in the world.”

Items of coral jewelry are available at this shop, and these corals were inhabited 100m / 328ft or more below the sea bed. Coral takes 1 – 5 years to grow 1mm / 0.04in, and more than 50 years to grow 1cm / 0.39in. Craftsman polished such valuable important coral and created jewelry from it. “We want everybody to wear these items in everyday life and pass them onto the next generation,” concierges told me.

8 of jewelry collections are available at the shop. Collections include “Beach,” “couple,” and “sphere.” The characteristic of collections is that “Beach” is a mix of coral and turquoise, “couple” are consist of coral and pearl as couples cuddle, and “sphere” is in the motif of sphere.

Each item brought out the natural beauty of coral, and none of them have the same patterns or shapes. 

Long time ago, sailors used Morse code as a communication tool. The collection called “morse” is applied Morse code to send off messages to beloved people. Would you like to send off your message to your beloved ones through the jewelry? Or you can add both of your initials to it.  

These items are for people with strong bond, and they can feel each other close all the time by wearing the items. 

According to concierges, “Currently, we sell jewelry only for women, but we are considering selling more items for couples. Also, if you brought your own coral to our shop, we are able to make your original jewelry from it.” And, for those customers who have metallic allergy, staffs can switch from gold parts to stainless materials. 

Jewelry from CORALIA helps to make you look fashionable unpretentiously in your everyday life and special days, so would you like to find your perfect one and only item? 


Address: 3-2-1 1F Nishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-894-3330
Business Hours: 7:00-22:00 
Closed: open throughout the year

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sachiko Tachi


沖縄県那覇市西3-2-1 ロワジールホテル那覇1階