Okinawa Tourism Information:FilledwithrespectandloveforOkinawanproducts,YuimaaruOkinawa’smainbranchisopeninHaebaruTown

Filled with respect and love for Okinawan products, Yuimaaru Okinawa’s main branch is open in Haebaru Town

post : 2017.10.08 07:00

Haebaru Town, located next to Naha City is known for distinctive splashed patterned textiles. Yuimaaru Okinawa’s main branch open in the Miyahira district since December 20, 2015 carries only traditional crafts and foods made in Okinawa.



The name, Yuimaaru, refers to the bonds between people and expresses appreciation towards nature, people as well as intangible things such as love and happiness. “In recent years, people pursue materialistic and financial satisfaction,” said Yuimaaru Okinawa CEO Shuji Suzuki. “Instead, we should all be seeking mental fulfillment. Suzuki took over not only the business but also the strong will of founder Mikio Tamaki and continues to perpetuate the love and traditional culture of Okinawa.



Okinawa has been gaining the attention of tourists and new residents. ”But, even the latest fads can disappear without the efforts and love of people,” Suzuki said. “My goal is to showcase the value of Okinawan products, techniques of their manufacture and of our very lives.”  




“The mental fulfillment that Okinawa has maintained for a long time is what we are trying to express to people from all over the world through our products.” He continued.




About 250 made-in-Okinawa items are displayed in the shop, which is about 66 square feet. You can select items of the type that you've cherished for years, or you can give new gifts to someone.




They feature their own original items as well. 



For instance, the “white nifee (“nee-fay”)” pottery with its cobalt blue arabesque pattern is beautifully expressive and would be great for parties, celebrations or for daily use. 



Indigo has a certain effect on people. The color is reputed to reset mental and health status to its original position. I would like to introduce the “aimun,” which is a stole made from 100 percent organic cotton imprinted with a block flower (an endemic building material often used to make blinds). This original item was created by artists from a studio in Izumi, Motobu Town – an area known for Ryukyu indigo.




I recommend the “serumama” items. They are simple but very easy to use and are great for drinking water or for use as a rice bowl.


Yuimaaru Okinawa carries many of items that you will appreciate the more you use them. Their items are for people who want comfortable life. By all means, take a look.




Nami Makishi did all of the interior design for the shop. Her designs are linear, stylish and warm. Glass separates the shopping and storage areas in order to keep the space wide open. You may get a chance to see the workers through the dividers. 




There is an area where books about the crafts, culture and history of Okinawa line the shelves. Also Mr. Tamaki’s favorite books and newspaper articles from over 30 years are available to read. You can feel free to relax. 


“When you see our items, you may just think they are cute or beautiful – and that’s great – because that’s just an starting point for a look into the values of Okinawa. That makes me happy,” he said. If you have feelings for Okinawa, you should stop in find some more. Events and workshops are held from time to time and you may also feel a reconnection with people through the items sold at Yuimaaru Okinawa. You may rediscover the importance of things again. 


Yuimaaru Okinawa main branch

Address: 652 Miyahira, Haebaru Town, Okinawa

Tel: 098-882-6995

Hours: 11:00-20:00

Closed: Thursday



Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko