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Try Horseback Riding in Downtown Naha!

post : 2014.05.05 22:00

Can you believe this?
You can try horseback riding in downtown Naha!

In Naha City, there still remain historic sites associated with horses like Kohanguwan Maui.  
Horses have been very close to the locals since the olden days through their uses in Nmasuubu (horse race) and agriculture.

"Aozora (Blue Sky) Farm," a small equestrian club based in Naha City was opened in July, 2013.

“I wanted to make Naha a base for a full-scale horse therapy and horseback riding for the physically-challenged.”

That was the dream of the owner, Mr. Makoto Tamashiro and now he uses two horses to provide the “Fureai (healing touch) Horseback Riding.” 

A pony shown on the left is “Aozora Shizuka”(7 years old, 25 years old in human terms) and a right one of the blood of Yonaguni Horse is “Aozora Kurara”(8 years old, 28 years old in human terms).
Both of them are female and very gentle.  Especially Kurara, she is friendly. 

Horseback riding makes the core of your body sway back and forth, from right to left and up and down as if you were drawing the number “8.”  You try to keep your balance, which builds your muscles. And swaying on a horse stimulates brain activation.”
Actually I tried it and felt comforted by the swaying.


Before riding a horse, you present a carrot to the horse to initiate a bond. Also after the riding, you give another carrot to the horse with a feeling of appreciation. The horse gave me back a gentle “Thank you!” glance. 

During Golden Week (May 3 to May 6), you can try a horseback riding in Kibougaoka Park in Naha City (behind “Naha Tenpusu” on Kokusaidori Shopping Street) from 11:00 to 18:00!
(Fee: 1,000 yen for a child, 1,500 yen for an adult per about 10 minutes)

For another chance of riding, please visit the official blog for the locations and the dates.

Official Blog of “Aozora Farm”:
(It is written in Japanese, so please ask your Japanese friend for help.)

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