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Experience Ginowan’s Tropical Beach in the spring

post : 2017.10.22 07:00

From Naha Airport on the main island of Okinawa, it takes about 40 minutes without traffic to reach to Ginowan Keihin Park, Ginowan City. You can take route 58 and turn left to bypass at Makiminato. There, you will find a park called Tropical Beach.



At Tropical Beach, local people gather for barbeques in the hot summer, where they enjoy food, drink and song at their tables. I would like to introduce the park to you and offer some tips on how to enjoy your time there.



Tables are filled with people in summer, but are much more open in the spring. You can enjoy lunch, chatting with friends or just hang out and read books while gazing out at the blue ocean.



Locals often come to sunbathe. Tourists play along with the shoreline. You may just want to watch the ocean or spend some time in the water. Tropical Beach is wide open in the spring fro all manner of activities.



You can discover the best ways and times to enjoy the ocean at high or low tide. During low tide in early spring is characterized by two beautiful colors, the blue of the ocean and vivid green of the aasa seaweed. This seaweed is actually edible and can be served in a soup with eggs. As it is a very popular cooking item in Okinawa, people regularly come down to the shore to gather aasa



“The green color is the most vivid in February,” said one neenee (young woman) who was visiting from Naha City. “I used to go to Ou Island, but I come more here to pick aasa lately.” Ou is an island connected to the south area of the main island of Okinawa by a bridge and is a popular destination for aasa pickers. I asked her the reason why she comes to Ginowan. “Well, aasa in Ou is thin. The ones we find over here are wider and easy to wash.” She said with smile. I know that wild aasa may be sandy and in need of a good washing so I agreed with her completely.



Picking aasa in February and March in Okinawa can be a great excuse to enjoy the ocean. Please be aware that some areas are restricted. Make sure to pick your aasa at a free area. You may want to ask some of the locals for guidance.



The ocean in Okinawa is waiting for you. Why not give Tropical Beach a try before the busy summer season? Have some good times in the springtime surf and sea.


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Mika Asaka