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Walk & Have Fun in Naha Part 2
People’s Daily Lifestyle on Nameless Alley

post : 2017.10.24 18:00

For the Part 1, I explained about a short trip from Asato Station → Tsuboya Yachimun Street → Ukishima Street. So this time, I will start the trip from Ukishima Street, walk through a narrow alley, and go to Makishi Public Market. Then, head to “Nigiwai Hiroba (open space),” and return to Ukishima Street. Doesn’t this route sound like a maze? You can witness high-energy sellers and buyers here and there, and the good-old scenery might bring back the memory of food and people’s daily lifestyle. This area is known as the kitchen of citizens after WWⅡ, so I hope you will experience the unique atmosphere.  

This little gap seems very unique. 

First, let’s enter an alley where this unique building is located from Ukishima Street. By the way, this alley does not show up on google map. It is appeared as “Chitose Shoten-gai Biru (Building).” 

The view of Ukishima Street from the alley.

Nostalgic painting on a window of hair salon.

You will find a deli on the right side of alley.

Once you step into the alley, the atmosphere changes completely. After 30 seconds of walking, you will be reached at a bar “Adachiya” where customers can stand and drink during the afternoon. When you look up from the spot, you will find a housing complex on 2F and above. It seems like there are some residents on this housing complex, but who designed it like this as to unify market and housing complex? 

When you turn left from “Adachiya” and keep going, there is a fish shop called “Kawakami Sengyo” at the end. A gentleman gave me a huge smile and asked me to join him for drinking. I would have joined him if I were not working then. This is another good thing about strolling. 

I can see people’s daily lifestyle here and there.

You can also nibble here and there. 

Turn right from “Kawakami Sengyo” and keep going straight while looking at Makishi Public Market on the right. It is worth to look at unique Okinawan ingredients including fresh vegetables, herbs, and taro at shops in this spot. Makishi Public Market is located in the back of these shops. 

Taro grows up in paddy fields, and many young taros come with a big taro plant, so it has been eaten to pray for the prosperity of descendants for celebrations. It is the same as the ones in Hawaii and the South Sea Islands, and its sounds similar too. Isn’t it interesting? 

A photo that I turned around and took. On the route you take, Makishi Public Market is on the right side. 

Make a left at the end and take a right turn from a kimono shop “Fumiya,” and then you will find an open space called “Nigiwai Hiroba.” Unlike crowded Makishi Public Market area, this quiet area sounds like after school. 

A crepe shop “O’ CREPE” is on the 2F of building across from Nigiwai Hiroba.

Walk along the space and turn right from this shop with blue window frame, you can find “C&C BREAKFAST” and “Pork Tamago Onigiri Katsu Kitchen” locating across from each other. 

Another nibbling spot.

A CD shop. This unique appearance attracts visitors.

A bar “Baraque,” “Setsuko Fish Shop,” and other shops are located around Nigiwai Hiroba. This is actually a good spot to drink and walk around.

From children to elderlies, everybody can relax and spend time at Nigiwai Hiroba. You can order Pork Tamago Onigiri at “Katsu Kitchen” and eat it here. 

Setsuko Fish Shop

When you go half around Nigiwai Hiroba, you will find a gate that connects to Ukishima Street, so let’s get back to the street from here.

There is a textile studio & shop called “mimuri” in the corner of the street, and colorful items that are in motif of tropical islands are available here.  

A leather craft shop “anshare project” is located diagonal from “mimuri.” After you walk toward right from the shop, you will find an Okinawa vegetarian cuisine restaurant “Ukishima Garden.” This area seems like a modern Japan. Also, you will be reached at Kokusai Street if you keep walking on this street.  

I mentioned all the names of shops that we introduced on Okinawa CLIP, but you do not need to follow the exact route like this time. When you find an interesting alley, what you can do is to just walk and walk. When you go through the alley, you may discover something special. 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Aya Asakura