Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoytheTasteofHawaii!Let’sGoEatPokéat“808POKÉBowlsOKINAWA”inOnnaVillage

Enjoy the Taste of Hawaii! Let’s Go Eat Poké at “808 POKÉ Bowls OKINAWA” in Onna Village

post : 2017.11.02 18:00

“Poké” has been a popular dish in Hawaii for a long time. The way to cook it is to slice fresh fish and mix with salt, soy sauce, oil, onion, and seaweed. Since most Japanese people love to eat raw fish, the dish is suited to their palate. On July 20th, 2017, a restaurant where people can enjoy Hawaii’s local food including Poké has opened in Onna Village. 

Freshly caught tuna in Okinawa is used to make poké for “808 POKÉ Bowls OKINAWA,” the poké restaurant. The owner Koji Matsumora had lived in Hawaii for 1 year before he opened this restaurant because always dreamt of living there.

Poké is a very popular dish in Hawaii. Many poké restaurants are located in Hawaii, and there are poké sections at seafood corners of supermarkets. Matsumora himself ate poké many times while he was in Hawaii, so he does not remember how many times he ate it. He did it for his ambition to open his restaurant in his hometown. Tuna can be caught in Okinawa throughout the year, so he thought “I can serve fresh and delicious poké in Okinawa anytime.” 

Tuna, salmon, or octopus goes on top of steamed rice (white rice or 16-grain rice). You can choose 2 kinds of ingredients for additional 100 yen, and 3 kinds for additional 250 yen. Seasonings also can be chosen among soy sauce, semi-sweet honey miso, and a bit spicy wasabi. Also, if you added avocado, umibudo (sea grape), tobiko (flying fish roe), crab stick, or Jalapeño for your preferences, you can make your original poké. 

I added umibudo (150 yen) on top of my soy sauce flavored poké. Isn’t 1,000 yen very reasonable for poké with 150g / 0.3lb of tuna? Tuna soaks in soy sauce well, and it has rich flavor and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. I could have eat more and more♪

Also, you can have “açaí bowl,” the Hawaiian traditional breakfast menu, at 808 POKÉ Bowls OKINAWA. 

Toppings will be differed depending on the season. In summer, dragon fruit, star fruit, banana, and blueberry are available, so maybe you can take enough vitamins for a day by eating 1 açaí bowl and these fruits. 

Inside of the restaurant is decorated as Hawaiian style. The base colors of interior are white and brown (light or dark brown), and knickknacks and skimboards that Matsumora purchased in Hawaii are also available at the restaurant. Many foreign residents come to eat food at the restaurant every day, so customers can hear conversation in English inside the restaurant. Everybody can enjoy eating poké at 808 POKÉ Bowls OKINAWA without flying to Hawaii. Doesn't it sound great?

“I want to feel Hawaii in Okinawa!” If the thought popped up on your mind, why don’t you stop by this restaurant?

Address: 2326-1 Onna, Onna Village
Tel: 080-3225-8088
Business Hours: 11:00~Only Until Supplies Last
Closed: Wed 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sachiko Tachi