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A great scenery spot Visitor Center “Subaco”, sitting atop Nangusuku Park

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Driving along the Highway 58, so called “Goppachi” or “Gohachi” after getting off from the exit "Kyoda" on
Okinawa Expressway, soon you will reach the center area of Nago city. Turning to the right at the sign of
“Nangusuku Koen Park”, shortly you will get to the park situated in hilly area. Nangusuku is known as a site
where wild birds flock around and its castle ruins of foremer residence of renowned Nakijin Gusuku Lord’s
brother. Also it includes the entrance to the Nago-dake which is full-swing ground for trekking.

The cherry blossoms of Nago has been selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossoms in Japan. 
Nago’s Sakura (cherry blossom) Festival draws many visitors inside and outside of Okinawa every year.

Nangusuku Park is just as nice destination for local people for trekking, walking, bird watching and family
Although it is very popular as cherry blossom spot, the park remains relatively deserted during the

The rich nature and a view of East China sea from atop the park is simply wonderful; it deserves more
attention so they renovated its observatory and opened the “Visitor Center Subaco” in 2015 as a
nature-oriented facility with the purpose of revitalization of local community. 



The rectilinear form and simple glass-walled building is in good harmony with lush green of the park. This architect design has received a main prize and new face award at the 2nd Okinawa Architecture Prize of the
general architect section.The significance of this architectural design is that they made a good use of 27-year
old observatory building, with the climate and natural feature of Okinawa, successfully created the facility with
flexibility that captures the natural synergy.



A working space designed with a motif of birdhouse. 



The glass façade of the buildign. The reflections of the ocean and sky appear as though a continued existence. 



The cafe space commands a nice view of East China sea


A nice cafeteria offers refreshments such as shredded ice flavored with seasonal Okinawan fruits, original soda
made with shikwasaa Okinawan lime or hibiscus, and coffee. The breads from local bakery “Rindon” are sold
too, though visitors can freely bring in their own food. Home-made bento or food from local delicatessen.
Off- course delicious breads from Rindon is a must-try! 
A soda made with an inspiration of refreshing breeze of "Yanbaru". With shikwasaa juice and sugarcane sweetnings.  


Shredded ice offered with three different types of flavors: Iri (hibiscus flavor), Kaji (shikwasa flavor) and
Mui (berry flavor)



A lineup of books in the bookshelf. Adults and children can enjoy reading in relaxed atmosphere. 


There is a section for some accessories, folk handicrafts that local artists produced. And also fresh local vegetables are sold.   



Handmade, woven grass bags with a geometric patterns. 



The colorfully painted pine cones look pretty. 



Fresh vegetables from local farm. 


This is a place when you seek a delight in beautiful sceneries, or a time to oneself for some thoughts… 
The nice views might reflesh you and sharpen your thought.  Actually, this is like our little private office for
meeting and planning session. The early morning 30-minute drive on Expressway gets us here in this hideaway.
So comfortable here, sometimes we find our work sessions surprisingly efficient.  

You won't come across a place like this very often. This is a hidden gem. Why not take a longer drive,
come and kick back and relax. You can also observe a nice building design, adding “Subaco” as the destination
for architectural landmark tour.   



Nangusuku Park Visitor Center "Subaco" 
Address : 5511 Nago Nago CIty Okinawa Prefecture 
Tel: 0980-52-7434
Hours: 10:00 - 17:00