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No Need to Rent a Car! You Can Access to Sightseeing Spots by Yui Rail

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Speaking of a trip to Okinawa, many of you might be imagined of renting a car and access to each sightseeing spot by driving. Of course you can get each destination by driving easily, but you might be worried about driving unfamiliar place or avoid drinking alcohol while driving. It is no good to worry about many things during your trip. However, you still can enjoy sightseeing in Okinawa without driving. We will teach you some sightseeing spots where you can access by Yui Rail, the monorail which connects from Naha Airport to Shurijo Castle.

First, we will teach you how to enjoy taking Yui Rail!

You need to buy a ticket before you take Yui Rail, and we will recommend you to buy 1-day ticket (800 yen / adult). It is validate for 1 day (24 hours). For example, if you purchased the ticket at 10:00 of Saturday, it is validated until 9:59 the next day (as of November 2017). 2-day ticket is also available, so it is good to buy either one depending on your itinerary.

Yui Rail runs rail on a high place. You can see a town of Okinawa through the window, and you cannot see this view by walking or driving. You can also see housing areas, business district, and good-old housings with red-tile roofs. Also, if you could get on the first car of Yui Rail where you can see a driver’s seat, you can see a view from the driver’s view. 


Yui Rail 
Tel: 098-859-2630 
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Let’s Head to Shurijo Castle First

Shurijo Castle, a World Heritage Site, is about 15-minute walk away from Shuri Station. The castle was built during the Ryukyu Kingdom era, and it is one of the necessary sites to learn about the history of Okinawa. It was burned down 4 times in the past, and the current castle was rebuilt in 1992 since it was burned down in 1945 during the ground battle of Okinawa.

Speaking of castles in Japan, most people might imagine the one with white walls with gray-tiled roofs. However, the characteristic of Shurijo Castle is the impressive bright red color. Another characteristic of it is that to go through several gates to reach Seiden (main building). Visitors can enter Seiden from “Nanden (south building)” on the right side of Seiden. Beautiful fine arts during the Ryukyu Kingdom era are displayed at Nanden, and visitors can learn about the culture during this era. The route continues to the gorgeous “Seiden,” and visitors can see the King’s seat. It is worth to see the unique Ryukyuan culture that influenced by both Chinese and Japanese cultures and developed on its own. 


Shurijo Castle Park 
Address: 1-2 Shuri Kinjo-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-886-2020 
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Divine Trees, the Akagi Trees of Shuri Kinjo-cho 

After looking around Shurijo Castle, how about walking around a sacred place? Many Akagi trees are growing at Uchikanagusuku Utaki near Kinjo Stone-paved Road, and it is believed that the largest tree is circa 200 years old and older. Many Akagi trees were burned down during the war, but some of the trees were survived. These survived trees are called “divine trees.” 

This place is believed as a sacred place. It feels like we can get energy by looking at these large trees. According to a guideboard near the trees, it says “it is believed that the God comes down to this place on June 15th in the old calendar and make our wishes come true.” How about making your wish to the large Akagi trees? 

Akagi Trees
Address: Shuri Kinjo-cho, Naha City near Kinjo Stone-paved Road
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Learn the History and Culture of Okinawa at Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum 

Many events and exhibitions take place at Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, which is 10-minute walk from Omoromachi Station. Visitors can see the old-style of housing with red-tiled roof before you enter the museum, and they can learn about the nature, history, and culture of Okinawa through many displays. 

After learning about “Minatogawa man,” the Homo sapiens about 20,000 years ago, visitors can learn about flourishing of Ryukyu Kingdom and modern Okinawa through displays and documents. If you learned about the history and culture of Okinawa, they might make your travel more fun. 

Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
Address: 3-1-1 Omoromachi, Naha City
Tel: 098-941-8200

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Experience “Okinawan Pottery (yachimun)” Culture at Tsuboya Yachimun Street

“Tsuboya Yachimun Street” is 15-minute walk from Makishi Station. History of the street has started about 330 years ago. Ryukyu government gathered potters from all over Ryukyu Kingdom to Tsuboya, and that is the beginning of Tsuboya Yachimun Street. Not only Tsuboya Pottery Museum, but also pottery studios, shops, and cafes are located on this street.

It is fun to look and walk around good-old alleys here, and they seem like the time has stopped. Stone-paved roads are wonderful as well, so it must be fun to walk around while looking for your favorite potteries. You can also join a workshop at pottery studios, so it would be good to try making your pottery as a part of your memory. 

Tsuboya Yachimun Street
Address: Tsuboya, Naha City
Tel: 098-866-6661 
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A Small Shop of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium on Kokusai Street “Umichurara”

A small shop “Umichurara,” the small shop of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, is about 3-minute walk from Kencho-mae Station (Prefectural Office Station). Popular merchandises at the aquarium are available at this shop, and customers can watch sea creatures at a small aquarium section here. 

Also, customers are able to look at whale sharks and manta rays on 200 inch projection screen inside the shop, so you might feel like being at the aquarium.

Address: 3-2-22 2F Kumoji Naha City (2F of Washita Shop Main Office)
Tel: 098-917-1500
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This time, we listed some sightseeing spots where you can access by Yui Rail. The good thing about taking Yui Rail is that you can get around each spot without worrying about parking lot. How about referring to this information before or after renting a car?  


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