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Take in the delights of Okinawa life and nature, textile artist duo “Doucatty”

post : 2017.11.12 18:00

Nanjo City is situated at the southern part of the mainland Okinawa. Kotoko and Yukihiro
Tahara’s house with their own studio “Ducatty” is at the idyllic setting in the residential area of Nanjo. 

There was a small sign indicating a narrow path leading to their studio. Going along the
path, soon I saw a high ceiling house. Inside, the colorful cloths and t-shirts were there,
welcoming a visitor. 

I was wondering how “Doucatty” has got its unique name, so I asked them. Yukihiro, the
husband told me that they adopted an Okinawan word “ducatti” meaning “selfish”."Dou"
translates as “oneself” and "katti" as “taking the liberty”. "Since we take the liberty of
making whatever we like" Yukihiro said.    

“And we changed a bit to make it sound like English word, or maybe Italian?”
Kotoko said and giggled. 

After some experiences in the field of advertisement and brochure designing,
the duo started making hand work craft item. Until then they had to meet the need
of clients, but now they are able to make things more freely and  express their artistic
talent. It is like the name “Doucatty” tells of the career path they had treaded on. 

The duo's creative sense can be seen in wording of “Doucatti” itself, adopting a local
language with a twist of foreignness,


In their creation, the motifs range from local octopus, pumpkins to street wild plants.
With so many variations, the each washcloth is carefully dyed by hand.   


Irabucha (Knobsnout Parrotfish) on T-shirt. Okinawan fish depicted in pop-art style by Doucatty duo.


 Kid’s T-shirt featuring Okinawa soba noodle. (I personally got T-shirt for my child)


A process of hand-dyeing. Apply the colorings with brush directly on large cloth.     



"A good thing about using a large cloth is, it brings a sense of presence in our liife.
When we hang a cloth in the room, it changes the atmosphere. When a faint ray of
light shining from the cloth, it looks beautiful. Having a nice cloth is joy of our life
becauseit fits and blends in our life", said Kotoko.


They make bags, stole and clothing out of a large dyed cloth. However, purposefully they
remain undecided what to make until dye session is complete. That way, it is more fun
because they enjoy tossing around ideas.  

Outside the window, just colorfully dyed cloths flutter gently in the wind. The cloths are
usually dried in the sun, absorbing the Okinawa sunshine and air. 

"In Okinawa, a lot of things remain unchanged".  "The nature, the warmth of people and
the bonds between people, that were lost in many parts of our society". Yukihiro said.  

In this sense, everything they see, even ordinary  things, are so much precious to them.
They take pleasure in finding daily delights,bring them into their creation.

And I can tell they love what they are doing!     

"I just love the process of creation. It is very fun. The colors appear differently everytime,
sometimes they even get blurred but the next time it looks ok. It is so much fun, I can't give it up!",
Kotoko said and laughed.

It is her delights that make the color and touch vibrant on the cloth. 

The very tasty and original, something that people enjoy at the local eatery everyday. 
Maybe this is what the Doucatty duo's creation is going to be.  


Address: 740-1 Shinzato Sashiki Nanjo City Okinawa Prefecture
Phone: 098-988-0669
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (shop hours)
Closed:  Every monday

*As we are not always available at the studio, please call us before visit.