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Cafes that Serve Dishes with Okinawan Ingredients in Southern Okinawa

post : 2017.11.16 18:00

Many wonderful and delicious cafes are located in Southern Okinawa. Not only the deliciousness and skills of them, but also the view and atmosphere of them are amazing. These places offer dishes with ingredients of Okinawa, so we would like to write recommend 3 places of our choice. Would you like to relax and enjoy eating food in Southern Okinawa in the final day of your trip?

Every Women Love it! “BE NATURAL” Creates a Good Sense of the Atmosphere

Many cafés focus on serving good food with good ingredients. A café “BE NATURAL” in Sashiki, Nanjo City serves Italian & French-based dishes by using Okinawan ingredients. 

“BE NATURAL” opens during both lunch and dinner time, and customers can have original seasonal dishes. Price range is from 1,620 yen for lunch, and 2,130 – 3,400 yen for dinner. 

The dish on the photo is “Pumpkin Soup with Puccini Pumpkin Dish,” and I picked this dish for my primo piatto (seasonal soup or pasta of your choice). What a lovely prop that they made Puccini pumpkin into a dish. Also, European antique merchandises are available at a small shop inside the café. Customers can enjoy eating, shopping, and spending luxurious time at “BE NATURAL,” and we will guarantee that ladies can fully satisfy being here. 

cafe/zakka BE NATURAL 
Address: 138-1 Sashiki, Nanjo City
Tel: 098-947-6203
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Delicious Seafood Dishes are served at “Itoman Gyomin Shokudo” in the Fishermen's City 

The walls of a restaurant “Itoman Gyomin Shokudo” in Itoman City is made of Ryukyu limestone, and the walls create the atmosphere of Okinawa-ish. Ryukyu limestone is used for castle walls or stone walls from a long time ago, so it has a long history. Not only the classic materials are used for the restaurant, but local people helped to build it chic and attractive. And, most of all, original dishes at the restaurant are unique, and many people from in and out of Okinawa come to this restaurant after they heard a reputation for it.

As a word “Uminchu” indicates fishermen in Okinawa, staffs promote Itoman City as the Fishermen's Village through dishes. This is “Fish Soup with Earthen Pot Combo.” This colorful fish soup look lovely, and the smell of miso stimulates your appetite. By adding tomato inside the soup, it helps to get rid of fishy smell and eat. This is a good dish for ladies. We will definitely recommend ordering “Homemade Jasmine Tea Pudding” for your dessert. Smell of fresh jasmine tea is effective to relieve your fatigue.

Itoman Gyomin Shokudo
Address: 4-17 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman City
Tel: 098-992-7277
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“Ukishima Garden” in Naha City is a Good Place to Enjoy Okinawan Vegetables and Organic Wines

The 56-year-old house on Ukishima Street near Kokusai Street has renovated and reborn as “Ukishima Garden.” Ukishima Street is known as the most fashionable street in Okinawa nowadays.

Okinawan vegetables that are organic vegetables or cultivated naturally are transformed into French, Italian, or Asian style of dishes and served here. The dish on the photo is “Assorted Vegetables of the Day,” and it is served for dinner only. Cheese with Okinawan tofu, seasonal pickled vegetables, and more are decorated on a dish.

It would be good to order this as snacks to go with organic wines. Plus, good dishes and wines create a blissful moment that can be felt only at this restaurant.

Ukishima Garden
Address: 2-12-3 Matsuo, Naha City
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We listed 3 cafés that serve dishes with Okinawan ingredients and good for health, and we hope you will like it. It is good to enjoy eating delicious local food during your trip, so how about bringing your close friends and visit each café while driving around Kitanakagusuku Village? These dishes might satisfy you. 


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