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Okinawa and Hawaii Have Lots in Common! You Can Find “Hawaii” in Okinawa!

post : 2017.11.27 18:00

Speaking of a worldwide popular resort is definitely “Hawaii,” isn’t it? And, a popular resort in Japan is “Okinawa,” right? Warm climate, beautiful beach, variety of tropical fruits, etc... Okinawa and Hawaii have lots in common, so we picked some spots this time where you can find “Hawaii” in Okinawa. 

Aloha Shirts are Necessary to Spend Time at Resort

First, here is an Aloha shirt shop “Mountain” which faces Ukishima Street near Kokusai Street. In Okinawa, many people wear “Kariyushi wear” during summer, and it looks very similar to Aloha shirt. A variety of Aloha shirts are available inside the shop, from brand new shirts to used shirts.

Even though some of them are used shirts, the owner checks the stain and condition of them, so you do not have to worry when you buy them. 600 shirts are available all the time, and sometimes about 1,000 shirts are lined up at the shop. Each price is not too expensive, so you can buy them with no hesitation.

Not only local people, but also tourists from Tokyo come to this shop just to buy shirts here. Many shirts with different colors and design are available, so take your time and look around the shop.

Address: 2-5-36 Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-861-2688
Information on Mountain >>

Hawaiian Style Lunch with Okinawan Ingredients

If you are going to have lunch on Kokusai Street, a.k.a. souvenir street, how about “Rooftop Grill & Bar KAIMANA” on the top floor of Don Quijote? Menu including eggs benedict, French toast, açaí bowl, and steak are served at the restaurant, and lots of Okinawan ingredients are used to cook dishes that remind of Hawaii. 

If you want to order light lunch, “KAIMANA Brunch Plate” is recommended. Pitaya bowl (or açaí bowl) comes with salad and muffin for the special plate. Variety of wines are available at the restaurant as well, so you can have wines and Okinawa’s Yamashiro beef red meat “dry-aging beef” for your dinner.

Rooftop Grill & Bar KAIMANA 
Address: 2-8-19 Don Quijote Bldg. 7F Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-866-6788
Information on Rooftop Grill & Bar KAIMANA >>

More Than 1,000 Types of Hibiscus are Gathered Here!

You can see hibiscus everywhere in Okinawa and Hawaii, and it brings the tropical atmosphere. You can see more than 1,000 types of hibiscus at “Ie Island Hibiscus Garden” on Ie Island. The island is about 30 minutes by ferry from Okinawa Main Island.

The garden is 1,620 square meters / 17438 sq ft., and anybody can buy colorful and gorgeous hibiscus here. Colors include white, yellow, red, pink, and more. New species of hibiscus have been developed more and more, so you might able to see rare hibiscus here. Why don’t you stop by when you visit Ie Island for sightseeing? 

Ie Island Hibiscus Garden
Address: 3614−1 Higashieue, Ie Village
Tel: 0980-49-5850
Information on Ie Island Hibiscus Garden >>

These are the spots where you can find “Hawaii” in Okinawa. Would you like to visit each spot next time? These spots might be good to have a relaxed time. 

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