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KABAASAI Festival of Food Grown by the People and Nature in Yanbaru

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Take a big bite of fresh red tomatoes with Bagna càuda sauce made from shiokoji (salted rice malt) made in Yagaji Island!  When you bite a piece of honey-colored Yanbaru Spice Mix bread, you will find locally-grown eringi (French horn mashroom) inside! The first watermelon of the season in Nakijin Village is made into sherbert-colored smoothie!

They held the food festival “KABAASAI, Spring 2014,”where you can enjoy numerous dishes cooked by chefs who love their local area.  The chefs perform culinary magic to fresh, vigorous vegetables and meat.  


In the north Okinawa, commonly called “Yanbaru” area, the local farmers and restaurant owners joined forces on a team called “Yanbaru Harusa (Farmer) Project.” They sent out a message “Yanbaru is delicious!”as they friendly competed.

The KABAASAI festival is an event where Yanbaru Harusa Project members entertain visitors with original dishes designed especially for the event. Such a strong appeal to glorified gluttons!

The chefs use ingredients grown in the host area every time for the event. In April, the KABAASAI welcomed its 5th festival, which was held in Nakijin Village and Yagaji Village.

Right after the starting time, 11:00, people who sought something tasty came one after another at “Hashi-no-Eki Rika Rika Warumi”located in the sleeve of Warumi Ohashi Bridge in Nakijin Village. A long cue was formed for a give-away“furumai (present) smoothie”starting at 11:30.


A famous ishigama (stone oven) pizza restaurant “BACAR”in Naha participated in the festival as a special guest.  Their moving pizza service “THE SCARPETTERS” never got visitor bored by showing rotisserie and char-grilled chicken.

At each restaurant booth, chefs busily work around to cook the succession of flavors.  You can watch how they cook in person and taste it right away!

People love the live aspect of food festivals.

You don’t have to take a trip to the restaurants. At this festival venue, you can encounter with delicious food and excellent chefs. It is joyous to have a chat with the chefs face to face.


As an Okinawan word “Nuchigusui (Medicine and one's daily diet are equally important for a healthy body) represents, even a single bite of really tasty food replenish cells and gives our body and soul energy.

From the food and people I met at the KABAASAI, I felt their boundless power of making people energetic with delicacies.

Summer light and flavor of delicious cuisine satisfied body and soul.

The KABAASAI…is the most peaceful event full of smile.

The restaurants who participated in the 5th festival and their original menus are as follows.

If just taking a look at the menu list makes your mouth watery, please come to the next spring festival in Yanbaru, Okinawa.

* Kuu Nomu Tokoro SOIL

  “Nakijin no Gochiso Lunch”

  ~Freshly-fried Meat Ball of Wagyu(Japanese-produced beef) from Onaha Farm, Spicy Marinated Mushrooms from Nakijin,  
      Shiikuwasa(Citrus depressa Hayata)-flavored Rice~

* seaside café Blue Trip 

 Three Kinds of bruschetta (cream cheese, pumpkin, and sweet potato), Nakijin-son Parfait ~

* Shimabuta Shichirinyaki MANMI

Ten kinds of Vegetables from Nakijin with Bagna càuda Sauce

* Mediterranean Cuisine & Gallery Unsa

Paella of Tomato and Mushroom from Nakijin


Gyusuji (Beef Tendon) & Tripe Panini with Salsa Verde Sauce of Goya (bitter melon) from Nakijin or Sauce of Dried Tomatoes from Nakijin

* Ryukyu Dining YAMORIYA & YAH-RU BAH-RU              

Yanbaru Spice Curry & Rice (Japanese Black Wagyu from Yanbaru) and Yanbaru Spice Curry & Rice (Tomatoes from Nakijin)

Ethnic Style Shallot from Nakijin Marinated with Yanbaru Spice


Hot Dog Full of Shredded Cabbage from Nakijin and Pork Bowl

* Pine de Kaito

Bread of eringi mushroom from Nakijin & Yanbaru Spice


Galette of Tomato from Nakijin

* power drink&power food cafe One Life 


* Cannan Slow Farm Café

 Croquette of Onion from Nakijin and New Potato from Cannan Farm

 With Ketchup of Tomato from Nakijin & Salt-Flavored Pineapple (rich in mineral) from Cannan Farm

 Boiled Organic Corn

 * French Restaurant Latelier

Pot-au-feu of Vegetable from Nakijin and Onaha Beef

 * Rika Rika Warumi Restaurant

Hashed Beef Rice of Mushroom from Nakijin and Yanbaru Spice, etc.

【Event Information】

(Please note: this event is over this year. Please come out next year!)

Date and Time: 11:00 to 16:00, Sunday, April 20

Place: Hashi-no-Eki Rika Rika Warumi, Nakijin Village Warumi Ohashi Bridge (1124-5 Aza-Amesoko, Nakijin Village)

Admission: Free

Host: Yanbaru Harusa Project

Co-Host: Hashi-no-Eki Rika Rika Warumi

Sponsors: Nakijin Village / Nakijin Village Tourism Association

Official Website for Yanbaru Harusa Project

Facebook Page for Fans of Yanbaru Harusa Project

(Please note: These websites are written in Japanese. So please ask your Japanese friend for help.)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Aya Asakura