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【Okinawa CLIP movie】fish & chips Marutama

post : 2020.12.28 18:00

This fish & chips shop is away from the center of Naha City and tourist spots a bit, and it is located near Naha Shinko (Naha New Port). The motto of restaurant is “Makes junk food into healthy food!” and it is bringing new perspective to fried foods of Okinawa. Freshly made fried blue grenadier, mahi-mahi, and squid, crunchy fried potato, fried chicken, and fritter will be served after the order. By the way, good-quality of canola oil is used to fry these selected ingredients. Also, make sure to dip them in the original dipping sauce when you eat it. You can also eat herb and fish sandwich here. Or how about ordering fried food combo while having beer in the afternoon?  


Address: 2-15-12-102 Akebono, Naha City
Okinawa CLIP movie writer Ouji Ogawa