Okinawa Tourism Information:AttentionStudents!YouCanEnjoyFood&SightseeingwithReasonablePriceinOkinawa

Attention Students! You Can Enjoy Food & Sightseeing with Reasonable Price in Okinawa

post : 2018.01.23 18:00

Hi there! “Shiny” is an organization for female college students in Okinawa, and we mainly issue free newspapers. This time, we are going to introduce some of the good restaurants and spot where you can enjoy with reasonable price.

First, it is gourmet.


“Okinawa soba is a must-try food when you visit Okinawa, and it is one of the local foods that represent Okinawa. My favorite restaurant is “Shuri Soba.” The combination of chewy soba noodle which the owner makes every morning and simple flavored soup is very good.  There will be a long line in front of the restaurant during lunch hour, and it will be closed when all the noodles run out, so it would be better to go there earlier. Soba on this photo is Shuri Soba (M): 500 yen. The restaurant opens at 11:30, but there will be a long line around 12:00 on weekdays. Also, it takes only 5 minutes from Shurijo Castle on foot.” 


“Next, would you like to have seafood? A seafood restaurant “Uomaru” is 10 minutes away from Naha Airport by car, and it is owned by an owner of fish shop. The staffs serve fresh seafood dishes, and the seafood is purchased at markets every day. A voluminous tuna bowl comes with miso soup, and it is only 500 yen!!! Also, this tuna bowl is served for only 450 yen on 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month. If you would like to eat fresh seafood with reasonable price, you can’t miss this restaurant♡” 


“Also, don’t forget the reasonable dish! I love American food, so I can’t resist ‘King Tacos,’ a.k.a. ‘Kintaco.’ It is a restaurant that serves delicious Taco rice. The main office is located in Kin Town, and it is a famous chain restaurant in Okinawa. This big serving of rice dish with lettuce and meat is popular among local college students! It is definitely good to order take-out 4 pieces of tacos (500 yen) and eat them by a beach♡”


“After eating food, you might want to eat something sweet. ‘Marumitsu’ is known as a specialized restaurant that serves ‘cold sweets.’ Zenzai in Okinawa is the shaved ice with red kidney beans, and it is different than the one in Mainland Japan. This zenzai, Shirokuma (white bear) mini is 450 yen, and it looks too cute to eat lol Zenzai shows up when you dig its face, and the fluffy ice with condensed milk is tasty too! The restaurant with a cozy atmosphere is a gathering spot for local students.” 

Next, information about recommended sightseeing spots.


“I will recommend a world heritage site called ‘Nakagusuku Castle Ruins,’ one of ‘Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Ryukyu Kingdom.’ The entrance fee is 400 yen for each adult. The stonework on the castle still remains here, and it looks spiritual and mysterious. The panoramic views of the village and the sea from the castle wall are fantastic!”

Photo by Nakagusuku Castle Ruins Management Council 


“My favorite place is Bise Fukugi Trees. About 250 houses are located in Bise area nearby Ocean Expo Park, and most of houses are enclosed by Fukugi trees. You can take a ride on a water buffalo carriage and enjoy looking at the view from the carriage. It costs 2,000 yen for 4 people.” 

Photo by Kiwamu Ogawa

Did you like any of our info? If you were students, you want to eat and have fun without spending lots of money as much as you can, don’t you? There are many reasonable and delicious restaurants in Okinawa, so you can look for some of them when you visit here!

Shuri Soba 
Address: 1-7 Shuri Akata-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098-884-0556
Business hours: 11:30 – close when noodles run out
Closed: Sun

Address: 3-5-1 Takara, Naha City
Tel: 098-987-0085
Business hours: 11:00-21:00
Closed: open throughout the year 

King Tacos Nagata Branch
Address: 3-1-1 Ginowan, Ginowan City
Tel: 098-893-0286
Business hours: 24/7 *take-out only
Closed: open throughout the year 

Address: 967-29 Itoman, Itoman City
Tel: 098-995-0305
Business hours: 11:00-18:00
Closed: open throughout the year

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins
Address: 503 Oshiro, Kitanakagusuku Village
Tel: 098-935-5719
Business hours: 8:30-17:00 (close at 18:00 from May-Sep)
Closed: open throughout the year
Fee: 400 yen (adult) / 300 yen (jr. high & high school student) / 200 yen (elementary school student)

Water buffalo carriage at Bise Fukugi Trees
Address: Bise, Motobu Town
Tel: 090-1941-9291
Business hours: 9:00-17:00
Required time: about 20 minutes
Closed: depending on the weather condition of the day
Fee: 2,000 yen for 4 people (additional 500 yen for per person) 

Makiko & Kyoko from "Shiny"