Okinawa Tourism Information:“RoadStationItoman”istheMostPopularRoadStationinOkinawa,andRankedinOneofJapan’sPopularTop10RoadStationinJapan

“Road Station Itoman” is the Most Popular Road Station in Okinawa, and Ranked in One of Japan’s Popular Top 10 Road Station in Japan

post : 2018.02.21 18:00

20-minute drive from Naha Airport, souvenir, Okinawan vegetables, fruits, and seafood are available at “Road Station Itoman.” This is so-called “the theme park of products of Itoman,” and it is the largest road station in Okinawa. Over 10 million customers passed through the casher here in 2017, and it ranked in the 2nd popular road station in Japan out of 1117 road stations in Japan (2017) on a popular website “Tripadvisor.”

5 facilities are in the same property, and “JA Farmer’s Market Itoman Umanchu Market” is one of them. Fresh vegetables and fruits cultivated by more than 1,300 contracted farmers are available here. Selections of them will be differed depending the seasons, and goya, winter melon, Island carrot, Island banana, mango, and dragon fruit hit the shelves.

Each of them is fresh, and they will be derived at 6:00 and 11:00 per day. Farmers check the freshness each time, and the deteriorate ones will not be sell at the market, so they can always keep the freshness! Farmers price each vegetable and fruit on their own, so everybody can buy them at reasonable prices. You are not allowed to take out certain vegetables or fruits such as beniimo (purple yam) outside of Okinawa, but you are able to take out the processed products as souvenir.

Speaking of Itoman City, the fishing industry is also flourishing in this city. A facility “Osakana Center” is managed by Association of Okinawa Fishermen's Cooperative Association Society Itoman Division. 11 stores including fish store, fish cake store, and deli are located inside the facility.

Customers can choose and buy fishes by asking the staffs at each store, and you can also eat the food that you bought at the same place.

To buy souvenir, let’s head to “Yukura” next to Osakana Center. Since it is close to the airport, it is convenient to buy folkcraft article and snack as souvenir.

There is a special section of the specialty of Itoman inside Itoman City Market "Yukura," and also the specialties of Itoman are available at the souvenir section. To recognize the products of Itoman and other cities, the ones with red labels are the specialties of Itoman. Food court is also available in the same facility, so everybody can enjoy eating various types of foods. 

Besides the food court, you can also eat at a pork yakiniku restaurant “Bannai,” and also you can look for the tourist information at “Johokan.”  Both “Johokan” and “Yukura” open throughout the year even during the New Year’s Day. The road station is situated by Route 331, and it is fun just to stop by and walk around here. 

“Road Station Itoman” 
Address: 4-20-4 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman City 
Business Hours: “Johokan” and “Yukura” open throughout the year
                     *other facilities close on January 1st & 2nd
 Parking: up to 400 vehicles

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Hiroshi Kuwamura