Okinawa Tourism Information:ASausageMaker,SenseofFun,andLoveforHometown.YouCanEnjoyAuthenticGermanStyleofHam&SausageatTESIO(OkinawaCity)

A Sausage Maker, Sense of Fun, and Love for Hometown. You Can Enjoy Authentic German Style of Ham & Sausage at TESIO (Okinawa City)

post : 2018.02.23 18:00

Local elderlies gather in Koza (former name of Okinawa City) on weekdays, and crowded with young military personnel and civilians on the nights of weekend. After Kadena Air Base was built, Koza has been influenced by American culture more than other areas of Okinawa. Especially the area around Gate 2 Street is Koza among Koza, and tattoo shops, clubs, and tailor shops are sited on this street. This ethnic atmosphere attracts tourists to Okinawa. 

“TESIO” is a ham & sausage specialty shop which opened on June 2017 on Gate 2 Street.

Grilled and smoked bacon and ham have rich taste, so they go well with beer. Also, wine is good for herb flavored sausage and patty or the ones with olive or nuts. Actually, sausage and ham in a showcase are all delicious, but my recommendation among them is a white sausage called “Weisswurst.” (842 yen / pack) Its texture is like foamed dough, it is not smoked, so it has simple taste. This is the must-try one for those people who do not like meat much.

A sliced sausage with olive and dried tomato called “Olive & Tomato,” (518 yen / 100g) you can enjoy the flavor of pork as it is with “White Ham,” (583 yen / 100g) smoked aged CT butt with sprinkled espresso called “Espresso,” (626 yen / 100g), and “Okinawan Wagyu Corned Beef.” (1,080 yen / 100g) These are also recommended. 

The advantage of TESIO is the authentic German style of making sausage and ham, and it had never seen in Okinawa until now. The characteristic of it is the smooth texture. “The process to make German sausage is to make meat into paste first.” Minei, the owner of TESIO, explained it to me.

“Blend it with red (meat), white (fat), ice, and salt following the recipe. The point of it is to how to make emulsion mixed with fat and water.” The key to it is the German industrial technology which is good at watch, airplane, and other precise machines. The German style will not be established without processing machine which cuts and mixes ingredients rapidly. Also, the traditional process and recipes on each region help to keep the quality of sausage and ham more than a certain level.  

Blended paste is going to be packed in intestine by hands, after a filling machine stuffs paste into intestine, sausages will be made by twisting one by one. That is why flavors of these sausage and ham made by an artisan (sausage maker) are different than other sausage and ham. 

Although, seasoning of them is very simple. Besides flavored ones, the essential savor of them are brought up with almost salt only. So, the taste will be differed by the selection of meat and ingredient. Even the same parts of meats have different quality, and the percentage of fat is also different.

Minei makes ham and sausage based on the authentic German style of making them. At the same time, he expects that “by introducing the brand-new food culture to Okinawa, it might give rise to new culture.” He is imagining another great expectation. “The process is in German style, but the one I make is in Okinawan style. I want to come up with something that fits people’s taste buds or climate of Okinawa.” 

“Presently, I am working on making flavor which is perfect for the authentic German process. It is because I want to offer delicious food to customers.” Minei wants to use Okinawan ingredients and offer the Okinawan original sausage and ham. On the other hand, he does not want to just to use any ingredients of Okinawa lightly. 

Currently, Minei uses all Okinawan ingredients except fruits. These ingredients include lamb of Ie Island, koregusu (Okinawan hot sauce), pipachi (pepper of Yaeyama Islands), and roasted espresso from a café “LOOP.” These ingredients surprisingly go well with ham and sausage. “I want to come up with the good combination of ingredients and the way to take advantage of them.” I am counting on him to come up with new flavors.

Address: 1-10-3 Chuo, Okinawa City
Tel: 098-953-1131
Business Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Mon

*Price of each product referred as of December 2017.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Nobuya Fukuda