Okinawa Tourism Information:HaveaDeliciousLunchandtheBeautifulScenerytoYourself!“LLOTA”

Have a Delicious Lunch and the Beautiful Scenery to Yourself! “L LOTA”

post : 2018.02.28 19:00

“Salad isn't enough to fill my stomach!” If you still believe so, you can change your mind after having “full of salad lunch” at a restaurant on Kouri Island.

(Photo by L LOTA) 

Name of the restaurant is “L LOTA,” and it is run by a hotel & resort “ONE SUITE.” 

Nozomu Akasaka, chef of the restaurant, moved to Okinawa after working as a chef at a seafood restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. He provided a catering service only to guests at ONE SUITE first. Later, his dishes earned a good reputation from guests, so he opened “L LOTA” to cook and serve dishes for more people. 

“Farmer’s Salad Lunch” comes with salad, baguette, and a drink, and it is 1,500 yen. Akasaka uses vegetables from “Bears Nature Farm,” and Yoshitaka Mori of the farm cultivated these vegetables without using an agrochemical and a chemical fertilizer.

Vegetables will be different depending on the seasons. Vegetables including goya, yellow cucumber, papaya, carrot, kale, okra, broccoli, kidney beans, cherry tomato, and greens. Full of colorful and nutritious vegetables are decorated on a bowl. 

Also, poached egg, avocado shrimp, oil sardine, and chicken breast come with salad, so you can fully satisfy. You can also get protein which is necessary for our bodies, so the dishes are filled to the brim with good nutrition! You will be happy completely after having this salad.  

(Photo by L LOTA)

The #1 dish at the restaurant is “Bouillabaisse” which is a seafood soup with freshly caught Okinawan fish, red rice prawn, mussel, and clam. The soup was made by boiling red rice prawn and seafood for over 24 hours, and its flavor is condensed and rich. Some customers order this bouillabaisse to make and eat risotto with the soup.

After the lunch, enjoy the special coffee. Those coffee beans are the original blend roasted by Yoshiyuki Nakamura, an owner of a café “Mame Pole Pole” in Okinawa City. He is the champion of a contest to pick the person with the best roasting skills, and he roasted the beans just for L LOTA. The image of coffee came from Kouri Island where is surrounded by the ocean and sugarcane fields, and sweetness of brown sugar and fresh acidity spread throughout your mouth. Enjoy the delicious sweets if you have enough space for your stomach. 

(Photo by L LOTA)

You can enjoy lunch while looking at one of the fantastic ocean views in Okinawa♪ Let’s experience a special moment in Okinawa. 


Address: 466-1 Kouri, Nakijin Village
Tel: 0980-51-5031 
Business Hours: Lunch 11:00-14:00 / Café 14:00-17:00 (final order 16:00) / Dinner 19:00-22:00 (reservation required)
Closed: irregularly  
*Price of the dish referred as of January 2018.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sachiko Tachi