Okinawa Tourism Information:ALuxuriousMomentattheHigh-rankedHotel♪EnjoyKaiseki(aTraditionalJapaneseandRyukyuanCourse)Lunchat“HyakunaGaran”inNanjoCity

A Luxurious Moment at the High-ranked Hotel♪ Enjoy Kaiseki (a Traditional Japanese and Ryukyuan Course) Lunch at “Hyakuna Garan” in Nanjo City

post : 2018.03.07 18:00

Many people list “Hyakuna Garan” as one of the hotels that they dream of staying someday. The hotel is cited on the bay of Nanjo City, and it is surrounded by blue ocean and rich natural environment. This is definitely in the class of its own.

(Photo by Hyakuna Garan)

Probably those guests who stayed at Hyakuna Garan enjoyed “the luxurious stay to do nothing” while feeling the extraordinary mysterious nature and silence. Hyakuna Garan won Luxury Hotel Award in 2017 for 3 categories (Luxury Beach Hotel / Luxury Adult Beach Resort / Best General Manager). It was not the first time for the hotel to win the award, and it won awards 4 times in a row since 2014. 

It might not be easy for many people to stay over at the high-ranked hotel, but they might be able to enjoy eating at the restaurant “Kanro.” Everybody can enjoy the mixed style of Japanese & Ryukyuan Kaiseki course meals at this restaurant, and the courses are based on Japanese cuisine. Each course is cooked by the head chef Naoki Matsubara, and the dishes of each course contain his knowledge, experience, and good taste. Also, it features the warmth and elegance. 

(Photo by Hyakuna Garan)

Guests and customers can enjoy the seasonal dishes while looking at beautiful scenery, so local people come to this restaurant for the special days. Courses include Koun (3,400 yen), Ryobo (5,000 yen), Senshin (7,000 yen), and Seasonal special lunch (5,000 yen).

Fresh Okinawan ingredients are used for seafood dish, seasonal vegetable salad, Grilled chicken with sweet herb, and more. Layout of dishes look good as well, and it tells deliciousness visually. An Okinawan dish called Rafute (simmered pork belly) is usually simmered with soy sauce, but the one which served at this restaurant is simmered with miso paste.

Red rice from Ishigaki Island and Nakami soup (guts of pig) will be served at the end of courses. Nakami soup is usually served for special event such as Obon, New Year’s Holidays, and celebration. Some people might hesitate to eat it when they found out about guts, but it has no peculiar taste since it is prepared well. Enjoy its mild taste and warmth of food through dishes.

It is about 40-minute drive from Naha Airport to Nanjo City, and some tourist spots such as Sefa-utaki, Cape Chinen Park, and Valley of Gangala are located nearby. How about coming to the restaurant after visiting those spots? You can spend special time while looking at the panoramic view throughout the window.

Hyakuna Garan
Address: 1299-1 Hyakuna Yamashitabaru, Tamagusuku-Aza, Nanjo City
Tel: 098-949-1011
Business Hours: Lunch 11:30-14:30 (final order) / Dinner 18:00-21:30 (final order)

*Price of Kaiseki courses referred as of January 2018.

Okianwa CLIP photo writer Sachiko Tachi