Okinawa Tourism Information:It’sPopulartoDrinkinNahaDuringDaytime.

It’s Popular to Drink in Naha During Daytime.

post : 2018.04.02 18:00

One day in September. 
During the Silver Week (long holiday seasons in Japan), me and a crew gathered at Makishi Public Market just to enjoy drinking. 

I heard that many people come to this area during daytime to drink recently, so I had to go there to find it out whether it is true or not. We got together at 13:00, and that was when our endurance party at a total of 6 different places had started.

By the way, I felt like I got out of the mud when I got out the bed the next morning. I also felt like being decadent and started worrying about my future, so I bought a whole new set of running clothes right away lol

Anyway, here's the list of all 6 places that we went this time. 

1. Adachiya

This izakaya is familiar to many alcohol lovers, and this place is always filled with customers even during daytime. It is a good place to drink, eat, and move to another place quickly. So it is good to start drinking here for warm up and start a long night. 

2. Uosushi 

We went wherever we felt like it and went into places that we found. Happy-looking brother and sister joined from this moment, and we got enthusiastic even more.  

The owner of Uosushi was in high spirits, and I am not sure what this pose is for. 

3. All Shoten 

After we started feeling drunk, the outside turned ultramarine color. Even the daytime switched to nighttime, we did not stop drinking. We switched from highball to tomato chuhai for interval from this moment. Also, we saw many regular customers here. Nostalgic drinks and delicious nibblies were amazing. 

4. Kafusi

Makishi Public Market area, Nigiwai Square area, and Ukishima Street area are all located nearby, but each area has different atmosphere. We were drunk when we got here.  

(Apology) I don’t know why, but this was the only photo I took then. It has nothing to do with the bar. You can see how the bar Kafusi looks like from their website ( 

5. Sora Sora

We drunk enough and enough is enough. So, we went to the #5 place on the list to eat Ochazuke (simple Japanese dish) before we dismiss the party. A lamp cover made with Japanese paper was swinging side by side, and it looked beautiful. I was about to pass out. 

Sea bream ochazuke, no doubt about it. Its soup was very tasty and seeped into my organs. 

6. Fujibaru 

I was going to go home after Sora Sora no matter who tried to stop me. However, it was not enough for other crew yet, so I had no choice but going to another bar on the 3rd floor of same building. Oh well, there was nothing I can do about it. I had to follow them until the last minute. I only had lemon ginger chuhai at the wine bar then, but I want to have wine next time when I come back here next time.

All these places are sited in Matsuo & Kumoji areas and scattered within 1km (0.6mi). I cannot believe that izakaya and fancy bar are sited in an area which is almost the same size as JR Tokyo Station. This area must be the paradise for alcohol lovers. 

When it rained or windy during your trip to Okinawa, why don’t you go bar-hopping? It is reasonable, delicious, and fun!

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Aya Asakura