Okinawa Tourism Information:IshigakiOpenedSpotforFureai(Healingtouch)withDolphin!

Ishigaki Opened Spot for Fureai( Healing touch) with Dolphin!

post : 2014.05.09 21:00

On one or two occasions, we would see a dolphin wandering off into the port or swimming from a regular liner connecting Ishigaki Island and remote islands.

In Shin Minato Area, a facility where you can make contact with or swim together with a dolphin was opened on April 26!

On the opening day, the local kindergarten pupils were invited there. They experienced touching the back fin or the abdomen of dolphins.

“Cute!!,””Come to me!, They cried out for excitement because they have not seen dolphins before.

Five female bottle-nosed dolphins were swimming in the preserve under the sea.

To welcome its opening, four trainers came to the island from Shizuoka prefecture.

As I had not seen dolphins since my childhood, I got excited with the children watching the dolphins so closely in front of us.

As a dolphin therapy shows, I realized that watching dolphins swimming in comfort, touching them has a healing effect.

I asked the children how it was.

“The skin was smooth and a little squeaky.”

“I was happy to touch them!”

They were all satisfied and showed me happy smiles.

In July the facility starts a program of swimming together with dolphins.

This kind of experience facility is the first one in the Yaeyama Area, so it has grabbed the attention of the islanders as a new sightseeing spot.

Please try touching dolphins on the Ishigaki Island to experience the healing power for yourself!


Address: Shinminato Area, Ishigaki City, Okinawa
Hours: 10:00 to 18:00
TEL (Reservation): 0980-87-5088
Mail (Reservation):
Admission: Fureai \4,000 (\2,500 in winter), Swim (\11,000) (\6,000 in winter)
Observe (\550)
You can make a reservation online.
(Visitors with reservations will be given priority if they arrive at the time they have reserved.)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Masumi Sasamoto