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Top 8 Breakfast in Naha City Recommended by a blogger Yukki

post : 2018.04.06 18:00

We, Okinawa CLIP Editorial Department, called for bloggers to send their articles that might make our readers interest, and we picked an article below this time♪

This time, we will post an article from Yukki. She moved to Okinawa because she loves Okinawa very much. Also, she was not good enough just trips to Okinawa.

What do you eat for breakfast during travel?

“I got tired of hotel buffet.”
“I want to eat more local foods as much as I can!!” 

I want everybody to have fun while you are in Okinawa!
So, I will recommend restaurants that serve good breakfast!! These are good especially for women. 

#1 Restaurant Tsukinowa Asagohan-ya Tenkomori 

A guest house “Moonlight” has this adjoining restaurant, and local people also come here to eat breakfast. The simple breakfast they serve is just right size for the breakfast♪  

#2 Okinawa Daiichi Hotel

It is good to eat gorgeous breakfast occasionally! Okinawan style of medicinal cuisine is served at “Okinawa Daiichi Hotel” for breakfast, and this breakfast features Okinawan style! You can be more feminine after eating it♪


#3 Pork Tamago Onigiri

An article about this popular restaurant was posted on Okinawa CLIP before!

Pork tamago onigiri / Spam musubi is very delicious, isn’t it? Did you know that Okinawan onigiri (rice ball) is square-shaped? Many kinds of onigiri are served at this restaurant, and it is perfect to eat outside! So how about taking it to a beach and eat it outside for your breakfast?


Since a motto of this restaurant is “delicious breakfast at your destination,” so this is perfect for tourists! Popular acai bowl and pancake are on the menu, and these are good for women.


Would you like to get up early and have delicious breakfast?
Yukki recommends 4 more restaurants on her blog, so let’s check a total of 8 restaurants as well!! 

Check her blog below for more information!
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