Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyDrinkingWhileWatchingSoccer/FootballGameatSportsFoodBar“RinRin”inShintoshinArea,NahaCity

Enjoy Drinking While Watching Soccer / Football Game at Sports Food Bar “Rin Rin” in Shintoshin Area, Naha City

post : 2018.04.16 18:00

One day on September.
In the evening, I got a call from my friend all the sudden. He is sort of a scary-looking and has a shaved head, and he manages yakitori restaurant and guest house.

He said, 

“There is a soccer game of Kashima Antlers vs. FC Ryukyu. I am going to a sports food bar to watch the game, so you got to come with me.” 

Salt-grilled saury. 380 yen.

You may know if you like soccer, but there is a professional soccer team in Okinawa called “FC Ryukyu.” Okinawa’s local team will be playing against one of the strongest teams in Japan, so how can I miss it? A sports food bar “Rin Rin” in Shintoshin area, Naha City was already packed with soccer fans. There is another sports bar in Naha City called “FOOTBALL CAFE CAMPNOU.” However, the owner went to Kashima Stadium to watch the game on that day. Wow, soccer fans are very fanatic!  

The bar is 5 minutes walk from Furujima Monorail Station, and it is very close to Makabi Crossing on Route 330.

By the way, my friend is Kashima Antlers fan lol Actually, his company is a sponsor of FC Ryukyu, but he dreams of becoming a sponsor of Antlers someday and placing his company’s logo on chest of the uniform lol

I was caught in a traffic in the evening and arrived at the bar late. When I entered the bar, I saw many customers dressed in FC Ryukyu uniforms, and my friend was totally left out lol He gave up on wearing Antlers uniform because of FC Ryukyu fans, so he wore Kariyushi wear instead. He does not have Pay-per-view at his house, but he did not give up on watching the game and cheering for his favorite team at a bar where many of his opponents were gathered. I was very impressed by his love for his favorite team. 

FC Ryukyu scored a point in penalty kick! That was the most enthusiastic moment of that day.

“It makes me cry when I see a player who worked very hard in the youth team passes a ball to other players.” My friend is full of human warmth. Anyway, I felt left out while he was focusing on the game, so I ordered many dishes to get back at him. 

Cooked pork belly and winter melon (380 yen). The flavor soaked in winter melon, and it made me happy.

6 recommended dishes of the day were 380 yen each, and they were very reasonable. Also, I was able to talk to wife of the owner of "Rin Rin" that night. According to her, the owner has been involved with Okinawa Soccer Association since its establishment. No wonder I felt the enthusiasm from this bar like “this is the bar where everybody can gather, drink, and have fun by watching soccer games!” Every staffs at the bar has tanned skin and has nice smile with white teeth. This is a nice bar filled with sportsmanship.

By the way, Kashima Antlers won the game by 3-1. My friend was not satisfied with this score because he wanted them to win by 7-0. I could not forget a word which came out of an announcer’s mouth on TV. He said, “I asked a player from FC Ryukyu about Kashima Antlers before the game started, and he said he doesn’t like them because they are too strong.” He doesn’t like them because they are too strong? It did not sound like a fearless soccer player! Even FC Ryukyu fans at Rin Rin were surprised by this comment.

Otoshi (compulsory appetizer) of the day. On the day when there is no any sports game, Kirin beer and highball are 180 yen each until 20:00, and sushi is half-price. Very reasonable, ha?

Not only soccer games, but other sports games can be watched at Rin Rin. When the national team’s game takes place during your stay in Okinawa, it is probably better to go watch it at Rin Rin. According to the owner’s wife, “most of the customers are Okinawan locals.” If you go to the bar and cheer for the team, you might able to communicate with local people. *Reservation required to watch games.

Rin Rin
Address: 1-2-5 Mekaru, Naha City
Tel: 098-862-5752
Business Hours: 17:00 - 26:00 (until 27:00 on Fri, Sat, and the day before Japanese national holidays)
Closed: every 1st Monday
Parking: 8 vehicles + parking lot of Okinawa Soccer Association next to Rin Rin

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Aya Asakura