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Local Izakaya that are Not on Any Guide Books

post : 2018.05.09 19:00

It is one of the fun things to think what to eat on your trip. How do you choose the meal to eat during your stay at a travel destination? Probably many people might think of going to restaurants or bars where local people go to, so we are going to list 3 izakaya that Okinawan people go to.

1. A Popular Izakaya in the Center of Naha City

The 1st izakaya is “Botan-ya” in Kumoji area, the center of Naha City. It is only 5-minute walk from Miebashi Station and Prefectural Office Station, so it is easy to access. The owner is Nobutsuna Miyagi, and he has experience on working at a Japanese restaurant in Australia, the traditional Japanese restaurants, and Western-style restaurant. Through his experience, he always tries hard to cook and serve reasonable dishes that can make customers happy. 

Japanese-cuisine based “Steamed Egg Hotchpotch with Truffle and Cheese” is one of the popular dishes at Botan-ya. Savory flavor of truffles spreads throughout the mouth, and melty cheese shows up from hotchpotch. “Japanese omelet” is recommended, too. Vegetables from Itoman City and fishes from Kyushu are mainly used to cook.

When you feel like having Okinawan dishes, let’s order Okinawan Shallot Tempura, Grilled Crunchy Pettitoes, or Grilled Pork Ribs with Sweet Sauce. How about ordering Roasted Bouzushi with Seasonal Fish to call it a night? The meaty fish goes well with Japanese sake and shochu (distilled spirit).

The owner of Botan-ya speaks English, so he welcomes customers from overseas. This is the izakaya for customers who want to drink or enjoy drinking sake and eating dishes at the same time. 

Address: 1-13-2-1F Makishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-867-4387

2. Enjoy Watching Soccer / Football Game at Sports Izakaya 

The second recommended izakaya is “SPORTS Izakaya Rin Rin.” It is 5-minute walk from Furujima Station, and the owner of this izakaya has been involved in the founding of Okinawa Soccer Association, so any soccer fans can drink, eat, and have fun at this izakaya while watching soccer game. 

The dishes are authentic! Recommended dishes include beef tongue, stamina dumpling, and tacos spring roll. Also, customers can enjoy eating many kinds of pizzas with one hand while watching a game. This dish on the bottom photo is simmered pork belly and winter melon. Each dish goes well with alcohol, and it can satisfy customers who are not interested in watching soccer. 

Customers can also watch other sports games besides soccer, so take a look at their official website and check the schedule. How about coming to this izakaya to watch a sport game that you do not want to miss?  

SPORTS Izakaya Rin Rin
Address: 1-2-5 Mekaru, Naha City
Tel: 098-862-5752

3. Grilled Skewered Restaurant that Features Mixture of Kyoto & Okinawa Styles

Grilled Skewered Restaurant called “Tsuki to Utsuwa” is located on the second floor of a housing complex by the coast, and it lively with foreigners, locals and tourists on weekends. The owner is originally from Kyoto. He moved to Okinawa before he opened his restaurant and worked at izakaya to learn about the desired taste of locals.

Customers can order various kinds of grilled Okinawan chicken, duck, and vegetables of Kyoto. To serve fresh chicken, the owner orders minimize the number of chicken to order. He puts in charcoals in a unique way and grill ingredients with heat in high temperature by using a fan and a charcoal tong and adjusting the flow of air. This is how to make its surface crispy and juicy inside. 

The owner orders highly valued vegetables from Miyama Town, Kyoto. He uses Nuchi Ma-su (sea salt of Okinawa which was registered in the Guinness World Records for its significant mineral richness), salt of Yagaji Island, salt of truffles, and Yone Ma-su to bring out the taste of ingredients. 

You can try dried bean curd sashimi that cannot be seen in Okinawa. Also, served dishes go well with Sake, shochu, and Awamori. No wonder many regular customers come to this izakaya. 

Tsuki to Utsuwa
Address: 11-14-102 Minato, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-936-7937

These are the izakaya that local people go to. Izakaya or restaurants that local Okinawans go to are definitely good. If you are looking for places that are not on guidebooks, why don’t you go to one of these places?

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