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Enjoy Delicious Vegetables! Restaurants in Okinawa for Vegans

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People who do not eat any animal products such as egg and dairy product are called “vegan.” There are few vegans in Japan, and some people eat only vegetables once a week for their health. The following restaurants are recommended for such people. 

Popular Breakfast in Tsuboya

A vegan café “Café Niffera” is 5 minutes walk from Tsuboya Yachimun (pottery) Street. It is a café adjoining of short stay apartment, and customers can eat lots of Okinawan organic vegetables and fruits here as breakfast.

Açaí bowl, smoothie with seasonal vegetables, and vegan plate are very popular. Would you like to spend a wonderful morning hour at a garden where rice paper butterfly flies? The café opens from 8:00-10:00 (final order), so make sure to remember the business hours.

Café Niffera
Address: 1-13-19-1F Tsuboya, Naha City
Tel: 098‐868‐8636

Enjoy Vegan Dishes and Organic Wine

“Ukishima Garden” on Ukishima Street is a restaurant that serves dishes with organic Okinawan vegetables & grains. Organic wines are also on the menu. Not only animal products, but also white sugar and dairy product are not used to cook dishes. “Vege Taco Rice with Okinawan Tofu” is a popular dish during lunch hour.

“Kariyushi Plate” is a popular assorted dinner plate with picked Okinawan vegetables, Okinawan tofu cheese, and tofu-made meat loaf. Enjoy your dinner along with organic wines which exclude chemical fertilizer and pesticide. 

Ukishima Garden
Address: 2-12-3 Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-943-2100

How About Luxurious Breakfast?

The last restaurant on our list is a restaurant at “Okinawa Daiichi Hotel.” Breakfast they serve is very popular among local residents and tourists, and the restaurant is fully booked during the breakfast hour. The breakfast consists of 20 dishes with 50 kinds of Okinawan vegetables which include Peucedanum japonicum, Okinawan spinach, loofah, Miyako Asian royal fern, bird's-nest ferns, toothed ixeridium, and taro.

Each dish brings out the full flavor of the ingredients, and these are good for health. Believe it or not, total calories of whole dishes are 585kcal, so everybody can eat them with no worries. It costs 3,150 yen per person, and even non-guests of this hotel can eat breakfast here. However, note that reservation is required for the breakfast by the previous day.

Okinawa Daiichi Hotel
Address: 1-1-12 Makishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-867-3116

How did you like the selection of restaurants this time? Vegetables food is not too heavy on the stomach, so it is perfect when you feel like eating something easy to eat. It would be good to stop by these restaurants while your visit to Okinawa, so let’s go!  

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