Okinawa Tourism Information:TheMainMenusareSandwiches&ChiffonCake.RUSTICBAKESHOP(GinozaVillage)isPerfectforaQuietandRelaxedVillage

The Main Menus are Sandwiches & Chiffon Cake. RUSTIC BAKE SHOP (Ginoza Village) is Perfect for a Quiet and Relaxed Village

post : 2018.05.21 18:00

The word “rustic” is an adjective word, and it indicates “rural” or “simple.” As the name indicates, everybody can enjoy eating not too stylish, simple, and delicious local ingredients at “RUSTIC BAKE SHOP” in Ginoza Village. Take-out menus are mainly served at this café, and the main menus are sandwiches and chiffon cake. These have in common that each ingredient has a very mild taste, and each ingredient is used to the fullest. 

This “BLTE Sandwich” is the most popular food at this restaurant. Look at its volume! A wide variety of ingredients are stuffed inside the bread. Crunchy bacon, fresh lettuce, rich flavored tomato, and right sized fried egg. It has 11-layer if you include focaccia! The sandwich turns into a healthy food by adding lettuce, tomato, carotte rapee, paprika, cucumber, and violet cabbage.

This is “Chiffon cake.” This simple cake is made of egg, flour, oil, and sugar. Also, a pastry chef’s personality reflects on it. Chiffon cake at RUSTIC BAKE SHOP is fluffy, moist, and chewy. It is semi-sweet flavor, so it is perfect for a dessert after meal.

Ingredients that are used are cage-free eggs from famous Miyagi Farm, “Kitahonami” flour in Hokkaido, and soy milk in Kyushu region. As for sugar, they mix 3 kinds of sugars (Okinawan light brown sugar, brown sugar, and sugar beet) and adjust its sweetness. Staffs try to use Okinawan-produced fruits as much as they can. If there was not enough of fruits, they use Japanese-produced or foreign produced ones instead. I appreciate that the staffs choose delicious and healthy ingredients. You can also sandwich original jam and chocolate & banana together with Chiffon cake just like the above photo. 

These are not the only foods on the menu. 2 kinds of “Sandwiches of the day” are also served, and these changes daily or weekly depending on the season. A sandwich I had then was “Salted lemon Chicken ham.” It was as voluminous as BLTE Sandwich, and salt & lemon brought up the healthy flavor of sandwich. Also, 2 kinds of panini (Ham & cheese / mackerel & cream cheese) are available. 

Desserts include Chiffon sandwich of the day, Coffee mocha nuts tarte, oatmeal cookie, chocolate nuts bowl, and cacao shortbread. Egg, butter, and white sugar are not contained, so vegans can also enjoy desserts after meal. The cost is reasonable as BLTE (500 yen), so you can choose several desserts and make your original assorted gift! 

Managers who manage this small but nice shop are Aoi Nishiguchi and Matsuri Kinjo. They are sisters and grew up in Nago City, the neighboring city. Aoi aims to make something not too fancy but something to make customers want to eat again, and also something that make them want to eat every day. She told me with a big smile, “I also focus on its sweetness, rich taste, and texture. Actually, I am the one who makes the decision whether it tastes good or not lol. Plus, your stomach won’t feel heavy after eating a half of whole cake.”

Matsuri tries to use lots of ingredients with no hesitation when she cooks food. “My other older sister is vegetarian, so I am always trying to come up with something delicious with no meat. I also cook foods with meats since we have lots of male customers.” She also told me with a big smile. She uses a part of organic vegetables that her father grows at his farm. She tries to use ingredients that she can get nearby as much as she can. 

“I always thought of offering something that myself, families, and customers can eat safely.” Aoi says. “Local production for local consumption” was a familiar phrase for her when she had a former job. Matsuri worked as a chef at a preschool before, so it was natural for her to consider the health and safety of food. No wonder most of their customers are nearby residents. Sometimes junior high school students take their younger siblings’ hands and come to the shop, and elderly people come to buy apple cakes. This is a perfect shop for a quiet village, so feel free to stop by when you go to Northern Okinawa. For your information, when you take expressway and go to this shop, it is better to get off at Ginoza I.C. instead of Kyoda I.C. to avoid traffic. 

Address: 35 Matsuda, Ginoza Village
Tel: 080-9850-6811
Business Hours: 12:00-17:00
Closed: Mon-Fri

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Nobuya Fukuda