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Recommended Spots for Short Stay in Naha!

post : 2018.05.24 18:00

If you have time to stay in Okinawa for 1 week, you might able to rent a car and drive throughout Okinawa Main Island or fly to remote islands. However, it is impossible if you are going to stay in Okinawa for few days. But no need to be worried about it because you still can enjoy your trip just being in Naha City. Following is the list of spots where you can have fun in Naha City, so let's check it. 

1. Enjoy Making Shisa in Tsuboya 

If you were interested in pottery, it must be good to go to Tsuboya Yachimun (pottery) Street. You can access this street from Kokusai Street on foot, and this is the street with pottery shops and studios. You might able to find dishes, drinking vessel, cutlery, or shisa that you like on this street. Some studios hold workshops to make pottery, so how about joining a workshop to make a memory for your trip to Okinawa?  

A studio “Ikutouen” has its 300 years of history, and an instructor teaches the workshop kindly to children or beginners. The required time is about 1 hour, and you can make standing shisa, shisa plate, or shisa mask from clods of dirt. You can enjoy it as playing with clay just like you did in your childhood.

The staffs at the studio take over for the burning process. It will take about 1 month to finish all the process and it can be shipped by air to your place. Faces of shisa differ depending on people who make it, and it is impossible to make the same one as others. Let's enjoy making your favorite shisa on your own at the studio.

Address: 1-22-33 Tsuboya, Naha City
Tel: 098-866-1635 (Direct line to the studio: 098-863-8611)

2. Actually, the Market is the Best Spot to Take Photos

“Makishi Public Market” is few minutes away from Ichiba Hondori Street after entering from Kokusai Street, and it is a popular spot where many tourists visit every day. Fresh Okinawan ingredients including fruits, meat, seafood, daily dish, and rare ingredients that cannot be seen in Mainland Japan are available at the market. Okinawa’s seasonal ingredients, colorful seafood, and unique daily dish are perfect subjects to take photos.

How about bringing a camera with you and taking photos there? Plus, you do not need to worry about rainy weather when you are at the market. 

After enjoy taking photos of colorful ingredients at the market, it would be good to eat them♪ Buy your favorite ingredients on the 1F first, and ask any staffs on the 2F to cook them (fee needs to be paid). Enjoy the food of Okinawa after the photo shooting.  

Makishi Public Market
Address: 2-10-1 Matsuo, Naha City
Tel: 098-867-3943 

3. Make Your Original T-shirt by Using Fossil Coral 

Traditional dyeing methods of Okinawa have been taught at a shop called “Shuri Ryusen.” Customers can join workshops of Bingata and coral dyeing. This time, we are going to explain about coral dyeing. By using surface of fossil coral, participants can dye T-shirt, wrapping cloth, and tote bag. A wide variety of people from children to adults can participate for the workshop, so it might be good to participate for it.

The staff will instruct you kindly how to dye it, so you do not have to worry anything. Also, the required time of the workshop is 30 – 40min. 

You can take the item to your home, so how about making one as a memory of your trip to Okinawa? 

Shuri Ryuzen
Address: 1-54 Shuri Yamagawa-cho, Naha City
Tel: 098‐886‐1131

How did you like the selected spots in Naha City? There are still more spots that attract tourists, so why don’t you look for more?

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