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Drink Beer like You Drink Wine at this Chic and Cute Beer Bar “BEEAR” (Ginowan City)

post : 2018.06.04 18:00

Ikarice,” a new type of Okinawan dish, and “red-tiled hat,” a hat which is designed in the image of Okinawan red-tile roof. Yasushi and Yasunobu Ikeshiro brothers came up with these ideas and created new menus and products. Nobody can come up with ideas like them. So, what’s next? Actually, they opened a unique bar which called “BEEAR.” Its name is a mix of “beer” and “bear.” When a bear sipped a gold colored drink which it mistook as honey, it got hooked on the drink… Probably the encounter of bear and beer reminded the Miyashiro brothers of transition from childhood to adulthood.

Anyway, “BEEAR” is across from the returned land of Camp Foster. This is the area where the stone-paved road of “Old Futenma Road Site” during Meiji period has discovered. Also, good-old shops, car factory, vegan sweets shop, and knickknacks shops are scattered on this area. Since it is located on top of a rise of land, you can see sweeping views of the ocean from Chatan Town to Yomitan Village during daytime, and the night view in the night.

It is long enough for an introduction. As its name tells, nearly 30 kinds of unique beers from in and out of Japan are served at this beer bar including PA, pale ale, and stout. 3 kinds of draft beers are available regularly, and “Bass Pale ale” is definitely recommended. It is the top-fermented beer and the main brand of the Bass Brewery with a proud 240-year history in England. The characteristic of Bass Pale ale is its reddish golden-brown color. Usually, ale has strong flavor and mellow taste, but Bass Pale ale has semi-sweet and refreshing flavor.

Another regular beer is of course “Orion Draft,” and the last one switches depending on the seasons or feeling. Currently, “Aooni (Blue Demon) of Yoho Brewing is served at the bar. It is one of India pale ale (IPA), and it has strong bitterness and dark rich flavor. Actually, it is popular by nearby foreign residents. 

Bottled beers are also available at the bar. For example, several kinds of famous Japanese “Minoh Beer” and a long-time selling beer “Asahi Stout” since 1935. Miyashiro brothers’ favorite is Old Engine Oil of “Harviestoun” which is a beer brand which represents Scotland. This beer received a high evaluation on a beer rating website called “ratebeer,” and it features rich aroma, bitterness, and velvety flavor. Double Hop Monster, IPA that adds 5 kinds of hops at two stage fermentation, is a must to try.

Take a look around the bar. White sloping ceiling and wood wall. Vinyl floor tiles were ripped from the floor, and it creates a unique atmosphere throughout the bar. Inside of the bar creates fancy, solid, and cool atmosphere. Also, sofas and tables that Ikeshiro brothers found are used moderately, and each has different style. So, it might be fun to choose which ones to sit. 

“We found out about pale ale while we were staying in England. We were surprised because we didn’t know about this kind of beer until then. Later, we traveled the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Czech. We were really happy that we found out about many kinds of beers including Belgian.” Miyashiro brothers looked back the memory before they opened the bar. “We wanted to make a space where a female customer can feel free to drop in.”

Also, they wanted to open a bar to teach customers the attractiveness of beers that they felt. Speaking of beer, many people might come up with an image when office workers drink beers after work on hot sunny days. But actually, it is fun to drink and compare many kinds of beers like you drink wines and whiskeys. You can come here with your friends or by yourself. This is a good place to spend time for you. And, Wi-Fi is available as well.

Dishes and desserts are also ready to be served. Aroma of herb and spice comes out from “Sliced Grilled Pork Loin,” and the whole kiwi is on top of “Kiwi Tarte.” It is actually a good dessert to freshen your mouth. Yasunobu created about 10 kinds of menus to enjoy beer and food at the same time. You can tell from this photo that Yasushi and Yasunobu are related, can’t you? Characters of them are unique, and they communicate with customers at their own pace, so it is appreciative.

After you had good time drinking beers, how about getting this T-shirt for your souvenir? The way the bear enjoys drinking beer might make you remember the memorable moment in Okinawa. By the way, this is their original T-shirt.


Address: 1-36-2 Aragusuku, Ginowan City
Tel: 080-7818-0207
Business Hours: 18:00-24:00 (Sun & Thu) / 18:00-25:00 (Fri & Sat)
Closed: Mon – Wed 


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Nobuya Fukuda