Okinawa Tourism Information:Best3spotstotakeashortbreakfrombusyshoppingatKokusaiStreet

Best 3 spots to take a short break from busy shopping at Kokusai Street

post : 2018.06.08 15:00



Most of the tourists wouldn’t want to miss Kokusai Street since it is the busiest shopping spot in Okinawa. Its distance stretches about 1.6 kilometer, dotted with countless of eateries and shops. It is fun to hunt for souvenirs for family and friends yet it could be very tiring and wear you out. So here we recommend 3 spots for you to soothe your fatigue and get recharged near the Kokusai St. 



【1】 A&W's Curly fries tastes great when you feel a bit peckish!  


A&W is fast food restaurant that has long been familiar to local Okinawans. A&W first started its operation in 1919 at Lodi, California state USA, then introduced to Okinawa at Yagibaru district in 1963 as the very first fast food chain in entire Japan. The number of shops has increased over the time, now there are as many as 20 shops in Okinawa main island.  





A&W on the Kokusai Street. This shop opened in April 2014. 





Curly fries are recommended in a combo meal.


A&W Kokusai Dori Street location 

Address: 2-1-21 Makishi Naha City OKinawa
Phone: 098-943-2106



【2】 Have a short break with smoothie at Churaumi Aquarium pilot shop


Umi churara, a pilot shop of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium 




The most popular tourist spot in Okinawa is definitely Churaumi Aquarium. There is a pilot shop of Churaumi Aquarium, so even if you missed a chance to buy souvenir at the aquarium, no need to worry. The shop has a full line of products such as stuffed animal toys, towel and sweets, which are popular item for tourists.  



There is also a café next to the shop. 




YANBARU Bazaar, is the shop that offers specialty products and tourist  information of Yanbaru (northern part of Okinawa) and also there is a café called “Sokana Cafe”, in which visitors can enjoy healthy smoothie made from local herbs and fruits. 





The ingredients for the Ryukyu medicinal herb smoothie are a local plant called “chomeiso” and plain soy milk. Very healthy! 



Churaumi Aquarium Antenna Shop 
Address: JA Dream Hall Washita Shop 2nd floor  3-2-22 Kumoji 
Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: 098-917-1500


【3】Try Ryukyuan × Mexican style food after shopping


The Paradise Street, which is just off the Kokusai St. is an attractive spot with good   vibe, and dotted with nice eateries. Come to this district when you feel like eating authentic Mex food.  





Ryukyuan style Mex food “BORRACHOS” on the Paradise-dori Street.



 Here we recommend a restaurant called “BORRACHOS” meaning “drunk “in Spanish. Salsa music is played so you may not be able to resist dancing to it. With nice music, you may even get rid of tiredness!  



Enjoy Mexican food with a shot of tequila or Corona beer. 




They offer unique yet tasty dishes such as Okinawan noodles with spicy Mexican soup, salsa sauce made with local scallion and Mexican cactus. Why not try a combination of Okinawan and Mexican style food with tequila or Corona beer! 



Authentic Ryukyuan Mex food, "BORRACHOS" 
Address: Taihei bld. 1st floor 1-3-31 Makishi  Naha City, Okinawa 
Phone: 098-943-4488