Okinawa Tourism Information:5goodspotsforapleasantstrollevenonrainydays.FunandrecommendableneartheMakishiPublicMarket.

5 good spots for a pleasant stroll even on rainy days. Fun and recommendable near the Makishi Public Market.

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When you are coming to Okinawa, you are probably (and naturally) expecting crystal-clear sea and blue sky. However when the weather turns otherwise, what happens then? Your itinerary would be affected and surelly you don't want to ruin your anticipation for your trip. Well, there are some spots that you can actually have fun even on rainy day. Get your camera and let’s go out! 


【1】Let's stroll around the First Makishi Public Market with your camera.


A few minute walk from the Kokusai Street, there will be an entrance to “First Makishi Public Market (Japanese language)”. Go through the door, you will see an array of fresh fruits, deli foods, meat and fish. Makishi Public Market is an attractive spot not only for shopping, but also for those who want to capture a nice camera shot. 




The indoor market is packed with so many shops.


A colorful display of local fruits, fresh red meat and tropical fish will make your photo shoot session very exciting. Contrary to its colorful showy appearances, the taste of local fish is relatively light and plain. At the fish shop, your purchased fish can be cooked at your request with extra charge at the 2nd floor diner. 




  Let’s go capture some local colors with your camera!   


Naha First Makishi Public Market 
Address: 2-10-1 Matsuo Naha City Okinawa
Phone: 098-867-3943  

【2】Let’s find a local “shop minder” cat!  


Around the Makishi Public Market, there are many popular “shop minder" cats  that charm visitors walking along the arcade streets such as Ichiba Hondo-ri, Ichiba Chuodori, Heiwa-dori and Sunrise Naha-dori and Mutsumi-bashi do-ri.




Local cats are loved locals as well. 



Those cats are friendly and used to being photographed, they even strike poses like professional models. One of the cats named “Mi-chan” from a towel shop even has a business card as shop owner! 

【3】 Let’s go get a Siri Siri vegetable shredder


Every kitchen in Okinawan household has a carrot shredder, called “siri-siri” in local language meaning “cut slices”. “Carrot Siiri Siiri” or “Papaya Siri Siri” is Okinawa’s regular home-cooked meal. You can buy a kitchen utensil like siri siri at Miyagi meat shop where you can buy a variety of local food ingredients, souvenirs and of course siri siri shredder. 


Local vegetable shredder offers a lot to choose from. The displayed shredder may look the same, but if you look closer you will see that shapes and sizes in shredder holes are slightly different. 





A Siri siri shredder is useful for making champuru (stir-fry) dishes and every okinawa household has at least one shredder. 




Miyagi Meat Shop
Address 2-10-20 Matsuo  Naha City Okinawa
Phone: 098-862-4450
【4】Small grocery store with space of only 9.9 square meter


OKINAWA GROCERY opened on New Year’s Eve in 2014, just beside the entrance to the Makishi Public Market. This place is packed with local vegetables, fruits, seasonings and other food items in narrow space of only 9.9 square meter.   This store is jointly operated by two owners with different background, selling the items that were created with great care. They aim to create a space that can make everyone happy.  




There a variety of products at the shop, such as fresh vegetables and fruits brimming with energy, carefully and locally made pastries and pickles. A cordial,very popular these days, which is a syrup flavored with herbs, spices and fruits. Also rice noodles made with locally harvested rice from remote islands is available.


 OKINAWA GROCERY(オキナワグロサリー)に並ぶ野菜や果物、加工食品


Pickles item "Yanbaru Pickles" is also available. 





Address: 2-10-1 Matsuo Naha City Okinawa 
Phone: 070-5278-5995


【5】Small second hand book shop


 A secondhand book shop "Urara" was opened by Ms. Tomoko Ura who was a former assistant manager at the JUNKUDO Book Store, and she took over Tokufukudo which is another secondhand book shop and then started her own shop.  




There are many Okinawa related booksin her book shop . 





The small shop is packed with many genres of Okinawa related books. You may be able to come across to rare books so this place is a good place to hunt for a souvenir for “Okinawa enthusiast”. 


Second hand book Shop "Urara"

Address: 3-3-1 Makishi Naha City Okinawa

Even if it rains during the trip, you don’t have to worry getting wet around the Makishi Public Market, so this is the place when you seek shelter on rainy day. You can try photo taking near the market to capture the moment that is "real Okianwa” or spend leisurely free time with books you just bought at café.  Either way, you can have fun!