Okinawa Tourism Information:“ZaneeHama(Beach51)”NearCapeMaeda.YouMightBeLostForWordsWhenYouSeeThisView

“Zanee Hama (Beach51)” Near Cape Maeda. You Might Be Lost For Words When You See This View

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post : 2018.06.16 13:00

Cape Maeda in Onna Village is known as a beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spot, and there is another beautiful spot where is 5 minutes walk away from a parking lot of Cape Maeda. The spot is called “Zanee Hama (Beach51),” and the magnificent view that you can see from here is one of the best views in Okinawa Main Island. Plus, many people lose their words when they look at height of the sky and an endless blue sea.

Personally, I still get touched by the view every time I visit this spot for shooting. The name “Beach51” has spread from nowhere, and local people call this spot as “Zanee Hama.” However, there is no parking nor landmark to find the spot easily. The only way to get there is just to walk through a narrow farm road. This time, I will show you the direction from the parking lot of Cape Maeda (100 yen / hour) to Zanee Hama (Beach51).

After leaving the parking lot, you need to make a turn right. You can see sugarcane fields on the left, and also horizon in the front a little. After walking for about 5 minutes, you will find a restaurant called “pizzeria da ENZO.” A narrow farm road across from this restaurant leads to “Beach51.”

Keep going down the farm road, and you can find a fork in the road. It is covered with plants and dark a little bit, but get the courage and go left (you can go down to a sand beach if you go right). Okinawa’s unique plants seem like a naturally made tunnel, and it might get you excited.

Also, do not forget to bring a camera with you. The exciting feeling might reflect on your face. If the camera can photograph your natural expression, it will be a memorable photo.

After passing through the road filled with plants, you can see the sky and sea. The road gets narrow from this point, and no fence here, so be careful when you walk here. If you are going to take small children, make sure to hold their hands.

Keep walking for 1 minute, and then you will reach the tip of cliff. This is the best spot at Beach51 to take photos. After enjoy looking at the view, get ready for your camera. The key to take good photos is to calm a little bit and take a step back. It is good to just take photos of sky and sea, but it might be hard to figure out where those photos were taken. Just taking a step back and capture the sky, sea, and the road you walked. It could be the scenery that you can captured only at this spot.

After sunset, the sun starts to go down, and it is hard to take a photo of sky and sea with backlight. For your information, the best time to take photos is from the morning - 15:00. Take your favorite person to this spot, take step back as much as you can, and take a photo of him/her. You can capture the image of him/her in the back of beautiful blue sea and sky. If you were able to capture the moment, it might be memorable. 

Zanee Hama (Beach51): 715 Maeda, Onna Village

Photo by: photo studio ouchi
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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Yu Murakami