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Moist and Soft! Easy-to-Make Pineapple Pound Cake

post : 2018.06.20 18:00


This is 11th article of my column “Sachiko’s Sake no Sakana Okinawa Recipe” in which I write essays and recipes of Okinawan dish using local ingredients that can be eaten great with drinks. In this artcle, I would like to introduce write a recipe of pastry.  




Mango and pineapple are typical summer fruits of Okinawa with rich aroma and the taste of southern island. Today let me introduce a cooking recipe of a pastry using the Okinawan seasonal fruits.    




Although mango could be quite expensive when you buy one at the shop, the prices go down as low as 300 yen per fruit if you choose smaller one. The color, size and taste of the fruit could be slightly different according to the production are even within the same prefecture, so trying each different kind and comparing them could be interesting .  


However for my pound cake recipe, I decided to go for pineapple instead of mango, that's because mangos are simply too expensive as pastry ingredient. This is a pound cake that could be made easily by anyone without sufficient baking experience. The important thing is to try not to mix the cake dough too much.   




Square Cake Pan (M-size, 21 cm)
Pineapple                 200 g
Brandy (or rum)    1 table spoon
Butter                    1 table spoon 
Wheat flour           180 g 
Baking powder          5g 
Eggs (medium size)     2
Coconut milk        100 cc
Vanilla oil              5 drips
Soft brown sugar     35 g 
White sesami seeds at your preference 

First, cut off leafy part and the bottom, and then cut the whole fruit into half. And cut it half again vertically. Next, remove the core rom the fruit and again cut it half vertically. Peel and cut in proper sizes.  



Put the butter in a pan and saute cut pineapple. Add brandy and cook down it (careful not to burn it), and then leave to cool.  




Let’s make dough while cooling the sauted fruits. Break eggs and mix with sugar with a whisk and keep whisking until thick and whitish. Add coconut milk, vanila oil, strained flour and mix them lightly. Don't knead, just keep whisking lightly.    




Pour the dough into a square baking pan, sprinkle some sesame seeds and put into oven. The baking pan that I use is Teflon-coated non-stick type, so I don’t usually butter the pan. For those using non-stick type, butter the pan or use a parchment paper. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. 




After slightly cooled, cut the cake into slices.  




This cake can be deliciously eaten served with vanilla ice cream or clotted cream. 





Fruits like pineapple and kiwifruit contain Proterozoic enzyme causing some people itchy mouth, but the enzyme doesn’t function when heated over 48 degrees so this pound cake has no problem with enzyme-sensitive mouth. Try it!