Okinawa Tourism Information:TheCombinationofMasonryBuildingandPlantsMakesitLookLiketheWorldofMovie.“IshikawaPark”inUrumaCity

The Combination of Masonry Building and Plants Makes it Look Like the World of Movie. “Ishikawa Park” in Uruma City

post : 2018.07.07 18:00

In Okinawa, it is believed that Kijimuna (spirit with red hair) lives in Gajumaru (banyan tree). Gajumaru is a vital tree, and it roots even on the rocks and concrete. That is why its language of flower is “health,” and it is also called as “the happiness tree” and loved by Okinawan people. Did you know that there is a gajumaru which has a strong presence at Ishikawa Park in Uruma City? Actually, it is my recommended photo shooting spot, and the combination of masonry building and plants reminds me of a scene from a movie.

After getting off Ishikawa I.C. from Okinawa Expressway, turn left. Keep going straight, and the road connects to Route 255. After driving Route 255 for 5 minutes, make a left turn from “Shirahama 2chome (North)” crossing, so you can see the entrance of Ishikawa Park in front of you. Make a right turn from it, and you will find a parking lot on the right side of the park. Up to 3 cars are able to park here, so let’s park here and walk around the park. 

While walking by the beach, you will find a masonry building and objects. You might be impressed with the vitality of plants. 

When you keep walking a single road, there is a spot where is surrounded by trees. A tower stands there, and plants climb the tower. The plants that climb the tower seem like living creatures, and I feel like I can hear their heartbeats. This is my first recommended photo shooting spot.

I took maternity photos with this tower as background before. By shooting just a part of background instead of the whole tower, it makes to stir people’s imagination. Also, this way can express the vitality of tower and plants. 

Let’s proceed toward the road with lots of trees from this spot. A gajumaru tree which represents this park shows up on the left. Probably it might grab your eyes when you look at the way gajumaru roots on masonry building. Just like the previous photo, I took the root of gajumaru as background. The vitality of gajumaru makes this maternity photo looks divine.

Sunlight is important when you take photos. However, sometimes the cloudy weather is preferable when you take photos of trees or plants because sometimes the sunlight blown out highlight. To take photos of each leaf in detail, soft light that comes from cloudy sky is effective. Sometimes rainy weather is better because plants look fresh under the rain. How about taking interesting photos at Ishikawa Park? You can take interesting photos that are different than taken under the sun. 

Ishikawa Park: near 1 Ishikawa Ishizaki, Uruma City
Photo by: photo studio ouchi
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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Yu Murakami