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Moist and Fluffy♪ Simple and Delicious Tube Cake @ “Kotori Bakery (Naha)”

post : 2018.07.09 18:00

I personally think there are generally two kinds of sweets. One is something that you want to eat every day, and the other is something special that wants to eat on celebration days. 

Tube cake at “Kotori Bakery” is definitely something that I want to eat every day. It is surprisingly fluffy and moist. Once you take a bite, the flavor of egg and semi-sweet flavor spreads throughout the mouth.

The bakery has relocated from Ginowan City to Higawa, Naha City in March 2017. “Actually, I always wanted to run a shop in this area before I opened my shop in Ginowan.” The owner, Keiko Kishimoto told me. This is a familiar area for her since her childhood, and she used to walk on the street where her shop is currently located. 

Once I open the door of the shop, I can smell baked goods, and it puts a smile on my face. There are 8 kinds of tube cakes and cookies at the counter, and the most popular one is “Plain Tube Cake.” Other cakes include “Matcha and Red Kidney Bean Tube Cake,” “Apple and Cinnamon Tube Cake,” “Coffee Tube Cake,” and more.

Since its opening, customers keep coming and going to this shop. On the day I visited here for the coverage, tube cakes were gone one by one. Honestly, I was afraid that I was not able to buy mine.

Compare to other tube cakes, tube cake at Kotori Bakery is very sensitive. It is fluffy, light, and not too moist. Maybe this is the secret to makes me want to eat it over and over.

To make this cake fluffy, Keiko uses flour that produced in Hokkaido. Also, she uses beet sugar with minerals, eggs with rich taste from Miyagi Farm, and refined canola oil with rich flavor. Refined canola oil is produced by pressing the oil out of non-genetically modified rapeseed from Kyushu without using solvent, preservative, and antifoam. The oil is produced by a traditional process. “I tried with other oils, and there were not many differences in taste, but I wanted safe ingredients that small children can eat every day.” Keiko said. I always feel comfortable every time I eat Keiko’s tube cake probably it is because her passion reflects on them.

Tube cake is unstoppable once I eat a piece of it. Plus, I finish the half of whole cake easily without recognizing it. Keiko’s tube cake melts in the mouth, so that is why I do not get tired of eating it even every day. 

Tube cake has semisweet taste, so it is good for snack and breakfast. Seasonal limited editional flavor like “Tankan (citrus) Tube Cake,” “Pumpkin & Cinnamon Tube Cake,” and more are available at the shop as well. Tube cakes at Kotori Bakery have fine-grained dough and very soft, so Keiko told me it is better to tear cakes with hands than using forks to enjoy melt in the mouth. After I got the advice from Keiko, I started eating the tube cake with hands.

You can enjoy eating tube cakes of “Kotori Bakery” on not just special days, but every day. The cakes will bring happiness in your daily life and make you want to eat them every day.

Keiko started to sell puddings and cookies after the relocation of the shop. Eggs from Miyagi Farm are used to make puddings, and flavor of eggs is tasty. Also my favorite cookie is ginger cookie with embryo. You can taste the spiciness of ginger 3 seconds after you bite it, and it makes the taste better. You can eat it as the way it is, or crush it and sprinkle it over yogurt.

When you buy tube cakes at Kotori Bakery, do not forget to buy baked goods as well♪

Kotori Bakery
Address: 1-28-16 Higawa, Naha City
Tel: 080-8395-8452
Business Hours: 11:30-17:00
Closed: Sun, Mon, and Tue

 Okinawa CLIP photo writer Sachiko Tachi