Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyTakingPhotosataUniqueandExotic“KinTownShinkaichi!”

Enjoy Taking Photos at a Unique and Exotic “Kin Town Shinkaichi!”

post : 2018.07.11 18:00

An area called “Kin Town Shinkaichi (new frontier)” is located in front of “Camp Hansen,” and it has a unique and exotic atmosphere. It used to be prospered as a nightlife district for U.S. military personnel. Many shops are already closed, but colorful concrete buildings are remained here and still create a nostalgic atmosphere. After enjoying the nature of Okinawa, it would be good for families or couples to walk around “Kin Town Shinkaichi,” strike a fashionable pose like models, and take photos.

After getting off “Kin I.C.” from Okinawa Expressway, go toward north, and you will find “Camp Hansen” on the left. There is “richamocha café” nearby, so make a turn from the café, and then you can see “Kin Active Park.” You can park your car at the parking here.

There are many colorful concrete buildings near “Kin Active Park,” and you might find a blue and yellow colored building first. Actually, this is the first recommended photo shooting spot in this area. Take a photo of this building as a background. The balance of colorful colors and a curved line are interesting, so you can take a unique photo here. If a model wears a vivid pink hoodie, it makes the photo more colorful. It is better to prepare few more wardrobes to change depending on the different backgrounds.

The best photo shooting spot is in this area is located in the other side of “Kin Active Park.” However, since many cars are parked on the street, it is hard to shoot the whole building. So, the best way is to shoot photos between cars and shoot a part of the wall of building. The graffiti, poster, and sticker express the history of area, and you might able to take cool photos here. Also, it looks better when you take monochrome photos at the same spot or use other effect by using function of camera. 

You can find more exotic buildings or concrete chairs if you walk more. Let’s find your favorite spot and take photos there. You can make more fun memories by taking unique photos.

Little by little, but this exotic area has been selected as a good shooting location for the media. Recently, I took photos of a couple here, and the couple is originally from Kin Town. Unlike the other photo wedding at the beach, I was able to take unique photos with exotic atmosphere. Not only families, but it might be fun for couples to take photos while walking this area. 

Presently, some of the shops at “Kin Town Shinkaichi” are closed, but some bars and music clubs are still located here and open in the night. It is still a busy area in the night, but residents live nearby the area, so make sure not to cause troubles and bother the residents when you visit this area. 

Kin Town Shinkaichi: 4599-1 Kin, Kin Town
Photo by: photo studio ouchi
Address: 1-9-15 #139 Ishikawa Akebono, Uruma City
Tel: 098-988-5362

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Yu Murakami