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A Remote Island of Okinawa is Perfect for Photo Wedding. “Aharen Beach” on Tokashiki Island

post : 2018.07.15 18:00

There are many beautiful beaches in Okinawa, and they can take your breath away. Especially beaches on Kerama Islands are in a class of their own. Beaches on the islands are very transparent, and they are described as “Kerama Blue that the world falls in love with.” It is obvious that beaches get attention from people from all over the world. Okinawa is a popular destination for a resort wedding, so we can see many couples dressed in tuxedos and wedding dresses at beautiful beaches.

Recently, couples mainly from Asian countries bring their own costumes to Okinawa and take selfie together happily. I haven’t seen Japanese tourists doing it yet, but isn’t it a good idea to bring their own costumes and take photos of each other? So, I will suggest everybody to take photos at “Aharen Beach” on Tokashiki Island. The island is only 35 minutes away from Naha City by a high-speed boat, and it is the closest remote island from Naha City among Kerama Islands.

The beach looks different depending on the tidal zone and the sun angle. When the sun started to rise, the beach turns blue. When the sun rises all the way to the top of sky, the beach shines shimmeringly. After sunset, the beach turns the color of gold. It is important to figure out the sun angle to take photos of the beach transition of colors.

It might be difficult to take tickets for the boat during the peak season since many people go to the island for a day trip. In this case, how about staying on the island overnight and take your time taking photos with different colors of Aharen Beach?

We take a boat at “Tomari Port (Tomarin)” to go to Tokashiki Island. It would be good if you could go there in the morning. However, it is hard to leave the port in the morning during the peak season without making reservation. If you were coming from outside of Okinawa on that day, it is better to arrive at the port before 15:00. Let’s take photos of beach with sunset on the first day. Usually, staffs at your accommodations give you a ride from a port to the beach or area where the accommodations locate in. If you are taking the high-speed boat which leaves at 15:00, the sun starts to tilt by the time you arrive at the island, and you can see the shimmering beach.

Later, the sun starts to go down to the right side of Aharen Beach, and the beach turns golden color. You might look at the beach with your dreamy eyes and forget about your daily lives. If a groom wears a Kariyushi wear and a bride wears a dress, photos might be filled with the feeling of the resort. Don't forget to remember the beautiful view until the sun goes down. 

The next day, let’s go for photoshooting from the morning. The best time to take photos of Aharen Beach is from 9:00-12:00 because its blue color gets weak when the sun goes all the way to the top of sky and the sunlight reflects to the surface of beach. You can recognize why it is called as “Kerama Blue that the world falls in love with” after you see its blueness in the morning. After 12:00, the sun starts to tilt a little bit and the surface starts to shine. The blueness of beach looks different depending on the sun angle, colorful blue, light blue, and transparent blue. Probably it would be good to focus on the sun angle and take many photos with different blueness.

How about staying overnight at the island and take many photos at the beach that you cannot be seen for a day trip? You can take your wedding photos on your own as much as you can! 

Aharen Beach: Aharen Tokashiki Village
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Okinawa CLIP photo writer Yu Murakami