Okinawa Tourism Information:NewTypeofOkinawanFoodwithBountyoftheSea,“Eightman’sSEABURG”(SenagaIsland)

New Type of Okinawan Food with Bounty of the Sea, “Eightman’s SEA BURG” (Senaga Island)

post : 2018.08.30 18:00

Senaga Island is 15 minutes away from Naha Airport by car, and white-colored buildings are located at “Umikaji Terrace” on this island. Restaurants and knickknack shops here are surrounded by the beach, and many tourists come here to spend time. This island reminds of islands such as Mykonos or Santorini on Aegean Sea. 

“Eightman’s SEA BURG,” one of the restaurants at Umikaji Terrace, has opened on August 2017. Even though Okinawa is surrounded by the sea, there are only few seafood dishes on the menus of restaurants. That is the reason why son of the owner of “Itoman Gyomin Syokudo” opened a fish burger restaurant at Umikaji Terrace “to promote fishes of Okinawa.”

Helm, inner tube, dolphinfish, swordfish, and squid are painted inside the restaurant, and they express the love for fishermen. There are different stories about the origin of the name of “Itoman,” hometown of the owner. One of the stories is that 8 Englishmen were drifted down to a place long time ago, and the place where they landed was started to call as “Eightman,” then later changed its name to “Itoman.” The name of this restaurant was derived from this story.  

A sign with menu. After choosing a dish to order, let’s go inside the restaurant. 

After ordering and making a payment at a counter, take a seat inside or outside. You can order take-out as well. 

Menu of the restaurant include Original Fish Burger, a hamburger with an original patty (with swordfish, dolphinfish, and squid) and Ninjin shirishiri (Okinawan homemade dish). Cheese & Tomato Fish Burger is super-size, and Half Dried Bonito Burger is the recommended hamburger at the restaurant. It is a unique hamburger condensed with the flavor of bonito. Okinawa Fish & Chips is a combination of Okinawan and English styles, and Its inside is crunchy but soft inside. Also, don't forget to enjoy it with the original salsa sauce. 

Specially made bun from oHacorte Bakery is used for the restaurant, and the flavorful bun and crunchy patty are a perfect match. 

Cube-shaped squid inside this patty made with white fish has an impact. Also, its chewy texture gives accent to the patty and makes everybody satisfied!   

These are handmade sauces that make hamburgers delicious even more. Salsa sauce is good for those people who wants to eat it as fresh, and you can enjoy its rich flavor with Tomato tartar sauce. 

Naha Airport is just a stone’s throw from the restaurant, so you can enjoy being at the restaurant while watching airplanes taking off. Also, it might be good to order a bit spicy lemon soda with honey to moist your throat. 

Eightman's SEA BURG

Address: 174-6 #41 Senaga, Tomigusuku City
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00
Tel: 098-851-9292

Okinawa CLIP photo writer monobox (Tetsumasa & Kozue Kono)