Okinawa Tourism Information:“ThaifoodclubBACCARA”(inOkinawaCity)OffersAuthenticThaiDisheswithPlentyofFresh&QualityIslandVegetables

“Thai food club BACCARA” (in Okinawa City) Offers Authentic Thai Dishes with Plenty of Fresh & Quality Island Vegetables

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In a quiet residential neighborhood in the central area of Okinawa City (commonly referred to as Koza) is one of the best kept secrets among the locals to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine: the “Thai food club BACCARA”.



The entrance to the restaurant is on the second floor of a modern 3-story building, which has such a slender façade and you wouldn’t think that the inside is as spacious as it actually is.



The second floor holds the kitchen and the main dining space, and the third floor has a heightened touch of sophistication, with two private sofa rooms and a small courtyard, which is a great spot to bring your guests for small celebrations and intimate group gatherings (reservations required). The owner, Ms. Sakura Adaniya opened her restaurant in April of 2017, after falling in love with Thailand in her numerous visits there. “I wanted people in Okinawa and the visitors here to enjoy delicious and healthy Thai food,” she explains. “I hope all the customers will enjoy the seasonal dishes we offer as well as their familiar favorites, and of course dishes they’ve never tried before.”


The chef and master of the kitchen is the young and talented Spawat Krouen (32), who honed his skills at The Chedi Chiang Mai Hotel. His original sauces created from scratch have earned him a very good reputation as a skilled chef.



What is particularly noteworthy about this establishment is how they get their ingredients. The dozens of varieties of seasonings are of course procured from Thailand, but the fresh and safe vegetables used in their dishes are carefully selected among the seasonal vegetables grown in Okinawa. For example, the restaurant has managed to create their own routes and connections in procuring the produce (such as the butterfly peas from Nanjo City through direct negotiations with the farmer’s association). They also use various home-grown fruits and vegetables, and for those not attainable in Okinawa, they carefully select from growers from across Japan (such as the raw bamboo shoots from Fukuoka for their stir-fries, non-batter fries, and curry).



Their lunch buffet is 1,300 yen (including tax) per person, and for dinner, they serve various dinner courses and à la carte dishes.



The restaurant takes pride in serving fresh seasonal produce in their 18-20 selections of main dishes, 4-5 selections of desserts, and 5 varieties of beverages. The buffet always has a great selection of delicious and colorful Thai dishes with plenty of vegetables to please both the taste and eyes.



Here’s a little peek into their menu for early summer of 2018: dishes using seasonal ingredients include the stir-fried morning glory, stuffed goya, papaya salad, and staple dishes like fried rice, jasmine rice, and stir-fried rice noodles. The main and side dishes include grilled chicken, pork steak, stewed pork with pineapple, cabbage and pork stir-fry, seasonal vegetables stir-fried with Thai sauce, fried potatoes, and shrimp crackers. For salads, they have vermicelli, salmon, ground chicken, pork, and leafy vegetables to choose from. I also can’t leave out the green curry and clear chicken soup with egg noodles and bean sprouts on stand-by!



For dessert, you can enjoy tapioca with coconut sauce, taro potatoes with black sticky rice, butterfly peas with coconut sauce, three-layered jackfruit jelly, and pineapples. For beverages, there’s jasmine tea, organic iced tea, Thai milk tea, butterfly pea tea, organic hot coffee, and…I’m getting full just writing this (lol).



To make sure that the customers get to enjoy the dishes hot and freshly prepared, the staff take extra care in adjusting the volume of food they prepare. If the restaurant is getting full, they keep a sharp lookout to make sure that all of the dishes are prepared in a timely manner and constantly refilled. Their attention to detail like this is one of the reasons the restaurant has such a strong following.




For dinner, all of the items are available for the order-style buffet (you can choose from small or regular sizes). The fried shrimp spring rolls, fried wide noodles with chicken and basil, and their green papaya salad are popular dishes. They also have a great selection of alcoholic beverages too, with Thai beer taking center stage, and a wide selection of wine. They offer an all-you-can-drink set with their dinners so you can enjoy food and drinks to your heart’s content.



All of the staff at the restaurant can speak English and Thai, too, and the customers are from all over the world; just what you may expect in Okinawa City, known for the multicultural communities. The food, the people, and the genuine colors of Okinawa City, are what makes BACCARA so attractive.



Fresh seasonal produce from Okinawa, and authentic fares of such great quality will certainly satisfy you. Here’s another establishment in the central Okinawa region that you can’t miss.



Thai food club BACCARA

Address: 4-2-30 Goya, Okinawa City, Okinawa

Telephone: 098-989-3343

Business Hours: 11:00-14:30 & 17:00-22:00

Open Every Day

Parking Available



*The price quoted is current as of May 2018.


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)