Okinawa Tourism Information:SpendYourSpecial‘IslandTime’atFurujimaTerrace(MotobuTown);ASecretRetreatintheSubtropicalForests

Spend Your Special ‘Island Time’ at Furujima Terrace (Motobu Town); A Secret Retreat in the Subtropical Forests

post : 2018.09.28 10:00


There’s a new hidden villa that opened for business in Motobu Town, which is in the northern region of Okinawa Island. It’s about a 10-minute drive from the dolphins and other sea creatures at Churaumi Aquarium, and just over 20 minutes from the hills of Yaedake, known for the Kanhi Zakura trees, the earliest blooming cherry blossoms in all of Japan. The structure stands in the forests atop a hill, where even some of the locals are still unaware of its existence. This guarantees a very private and peaceful stay for you to unwind and relax. The place is called Furujima Terrace. The quaint villa has red-tiled roofing and the exterior walls are rustic but classy. It was constructed by Miyadaiku carpenters who specialize in constructing traditional Japanese architecture such as shrines and temples, using the traditional methods of using elaborate wooden joints and very minimal nails.






This Japanese-modern style of architecture uses cedar and cypress throughout, and with a welcoming warmth in great Okinawan taste. This small but very comfortable detached structure is very private and feels like a villa that you own. One step through the front door, many of the guests feel right at home and experience a nostalgic feeling like they’ve been here before. A step separates the front door area made of Ryukyu limestone to the rest of the villa. To your left is the resthroom and the bathroom is to the right. Further down is the semi-open kitchen and an elevated living room. At the far end is the bedroom.


All the rooms have windows to let in the natural light and where you can see the rich greenery of the forests nurtured in the humid, subtropical climate. The interior walls and flooring are of solid cedar wood, creating a very calming and relaxing atmosphere.




One of the distinctive features of Furujima Terrace is its location and the wonderful view that comes with it. On clear days, you can see floating on the crystal blue seas in the distance beyond the green of the fragrant forests, the small, round-shaped Minna Island with the white outlines of its sandy shores. There is a spacious terrace on the side of the villa facing the ocean, so during the day you can enjoy the ocean view, and the sunsets in the evenings depending on the season. At night, the twinkling stars above will take your breath away. When morning comes, the birds of the forests surrounding the villa will greet you cheerfully.


The chirping calls of the beautiful, red-feathered birds, the ruddy kingfisher will impress you, just as it has impressed many guests who have heard its distinctive songs. With the villa so close to nature, you’ll almost feel like you are one with the forest.




The other attractive feature about the villa is the beauty created by the contrast of lights and shadows throughout the interior. The lights filtered and softened through the sliding shoji doors and screens fitted with frosted glass, give such a warm and tranquil feeling. Take a nap on the tatami mats after a whole morning of fun, or spend a relaxing afternoon with the shoji and windows open to let the air and lights of the forests surround you, as you gaze up at the sky. Forget all the fuss from your everyday life, let go of all the stresses, and enjoy the freedom and leisure of your own, private island time.


I also can’t leave out the great bathroom, where you can truly unwind and relax in the authentic Japanese Hinoki-buro, or bath using cypress wood. Open the windows and enjoy your bath time which feels like you’re bathing in the middle of the forest!



The concierge of the Furujima Terrace is Mr. Yoshihiro Yahiro, the owner of Café tago al tago ( next door. “I wanted to offer our guests who are in Okinawa and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, to experience time unlike their regular days,” explains Mr. Yahiro, who mentioned that he was so moved by the location when he first set eyes on the villa. “I always keep in mind to never fuss over the guests, so that they can enjoy the surrounding beauty of nature at their own leisurely pace, and to their heart’s content,” he says.


He keeps a comfortable distance in his Omotenashi, Japanese word for guest hospitality, and that’s not to say you won’t be satisfied, because you definitely will be. From the villa located in such a peaceful location, without people around to disturb your privacy, you can enjoy nature with all your five senses. He recommends a morning walk along the trails up the Motobu Fuji hills, and even if it rains, he says, you can feel the vibrant lush of the forest even more. In the mornings after rain, the forests are blanketed by fog, and this view will also take your breath away.


Only less than 15 minutes away by car is the quaint community of Bise, known for the Fukugi tree-lined paths that web between the homes. A visit to the nostalgic-feeling Motobu municipal market and the ‘café street’ in Izumi is also very nice and easily accessible. You can choose to stay at the villa and its surroundings to relax, or venture about to the number of popular spots in the vicinity. However you choose to enjoy your time here, enjoy Okinawa and its northern region of Yanbaru to the fullest.


*Welcome drinks are offered at Café tago al tago for guests staying at Furujima Terrace.


Furujima Terrace

Address: 822 Furujima, Motobu, Kunigami, Okinawa

Telephone: 080-9852-5002

Check In: 17:00-20:00

Check Out: 10:00



Okinawa CLIP photo writer Nobuya Fukuda