Okinawa Tourism Information:IntroducingaVerySpecialShop!“PlantsCaféGreenmama”(UrumaCity),aDelightfullyComfortableCaféFullofSucculents

Introducing a Very Special Shop! “Plants Café Greenmama” (Uruma City), a Delightfully Comfortable Café Full of Succulents

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Plants Café Greenmama is located in Tengan, Uruma City, in the central region of Okinawa Island. Beautifully arranged at the entrance area of the café are over 100 varieties of succulent plants.





The interior of the café is decorated with numerous cactus objects and dried flowers, and furnished with antique style tables and chairs. There’s an overall calming ambience and is actually quite comfortable. For fans of succulent plants, this is definitely a place you want to visit, but succulents aren’t the only thing Greenmama offers.





When I asked the owner, Ms. Shoko Taira, how she came about to opening such a lovely café, she responded, “When I worked as an office clerk years ago, I used to make succulent plant arrangements and sell them at craft fairs and events. But my main motivation was to create a shop that my children and I could work together in, in the future.” Ms. Taira explained how she faced the challenges of parenting a child with severe intellectual disabilities, and how she hoped her children could work in the café with her someday. While she was always into succulent plants as a hobby, her experiences helped her to jump into opening a business of her own. The café has become a haven for parents to take a break in their busy day. There’s also a tatami area and kid’s area inside, so customers can bring their children and relax too.



Their popular lunch menu consists of two selections. One is the Soup Plate Lunch (1,200 yen, shown in photo above) where you can choose from a curry soup or meat and onion soup. The other is the Chicken Sweet Sauce (1,200 yen), which has a delicious sweet sauce made from barley miso paste. The main and side dishes are nicely arranged on a single plate and both lunch plates come with a slice of chiffon cake and includes self-served beverages (coffee, tea, non-caffeine rooibos tea) with free refills. When she was working as an office clerk, Ms. Taira wished there would be more places where she could really relax during the limited lunch hour. With that in mind, she says, she limited the lunch menu to two items, both served on a single plate, and included a dessert and self-serve beverage for a satisfying lunch that’s delicious and leaving time to relax.




The café offers delicious food, relaxing atmosphere, and photogenic spots all around. The entranceway and the garden with a big open lawn is also great for photos to post on your SNS. This café in Uruma City is a very special spot and is becoming more and more popular through word of mouth and over SNS.



Plants Café Greenmama

Address: 1681 Tengan, Uruma City, Okinawa

Business Hours: 11:00-16:00 (or when lunch plates sell out)

Telephone: 098-923-0571

Closed: Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays

(Open irregular weekends for brunch)

Instagram: @greenmama6


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Hiroshi Kuwamura